AleBeard, Sunnysert, Kenpachi - Festival

  • Greetings Fair Folk of Arabel,

    As you all know I am planning a festival to celebrate the end of the conflict.

    AleBeard is currently pursuing the Dwarves of Thunderholme to see if we can procure enough Dwarven Ale to quench the thirst of the residents ten times over. He will investigate how much they will charge for us to offer the Ale at a subsidised rate to residents. This will ensure the event that takes place will be long remembered and the fair townsfolk can have their fill and let their hair down.

    Kenpachi will be running a showpiece event, a fighting tournament. We shall invite all the returning Lords. Lord Hawklin will be invited to crown the various victors.

    Transmutor Sunnysert and some other mages will arrange for some small side tricks to run in parallell to the showpiece event. As a way of entertainment for the children.

    Together we shall make an event that will live on in memory and welcome back the returning heroes to the city,


  • @DailyPWN @latoksinned

    I have Lord Bhaliir's support on this if you can respond. Raryldur

  • I connected you with the Queen. That's the best introduction I can offer.

    • Angus

  • Storyteller [DM]

    She seemed to like me, judging by the trip to the stormhorns I took at the brunt of her Hammer. Hope she likes my gift.


  • Admin [DM]

    [Twenty kegs of ale arrives in Alebeard's room]

  • AleBeard,

    Brita threatened to kill us all shortly before we went hunting for errant dwarvens (and you bagged yourself some silver). Regardless, I will make a call for Arabel's great and good. The wine shall flow.

    Kenpachi, we will ask for members of all great houses to participate in the jousting. We shall make this a night not soon forgotten to ensure that all remember the brave sacrifice of the sons of Cormyr.


  • Raryldur,

    Queen Thunderhammer (underlined several times) was gracious enough to provide many kegs of our finest for your event. Maybe you don't understand dwarven kindness, but Brita's words were no threat. They were terms of endearment.

    Enjoy the ale. Dwarves will be there.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    You all realize jousting and dueling are two different things? Mainly one requires a horse and lance the other could be any Manner of combat? From what I’ve seen the only people who seem to own a vibrant supply of both are the lords, going to be a small tournament.


  • Regardless Kenpachi, a grave matter has come up. The ale and other provisions will be used for that matter.


  • [Raryldur ensures the kegs of premium Dwarven ale are safely locked in his apartment]