Magus Namik

  • [A sealed letter with no sender is left for the Magus at the Embassy]

  • [On a quiet evening, his studies done for the day and his staff set aside. Magus Namik relaxes and begins to check through his mail. Upon reaching the sealed and anonymous letter he pauses. After warding himself with every protection spell he knows, having been through the standard Red Wizard hazing in his Youth, he opens the letter]


  • [Those who pass through the Thayan Embassy in the next few days may see see a Very disgruntled and slightly sparkly Khagos going over every inch of the common area of the Thayan Embassy with a Brush, under the stern and unimpressed Gaze of Senior Magus Vicho]

  • [Renny Skrypes ends up being ordered to broom the majority of this, being Khagos's knight. He quickly bottles up the glitter for possible reuse, in-case the magus decides to further pursue the Tinkerfeet dialogs. Because he's a damned good knight and thinks ahead, and should also get payed more.]