Healing the scars

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    Healing the scars

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    The return of the lost lands

    Little by little, the water have recline from the King's Swamp and Calantar's way over the years. This all changed during the Second Sundering, when the body of the Primordial stirred as a fallen star gently grazed its surface. Suddenly the Western Stormhorns rose higher towards the sky, causing a series of avalanches to crash down the rising mountain towards it's Eastern foothills. Snow turned to water before rapidly turning into a tidal wave. Before eventually it all crashed down upon the King's Swamp, sweeping away lizardfolks, druids, settlers and adventurers alike into the Wyvernwater. The Wyvernwater itself dramatically changed by the tidal wave, with some islands sinking beneath the waves whilst others such as Immersea rose high above the water.

    After the tidal wave, the newly risen land surrounding the King's Forest and Wyvernwater was left to dry once more. The newly exposed soil was so fertile, it was covered in fields of blossoms and green before the turn of a single moon. With the return of the fauna, the event marked the return of the King's Forest. Much to the rejoice of Cormyr, whom swiftly populate the newly inhabitable land to farm on the new fertile soil and reclaim land once lost to the water.