"War Wizards", Eveningstar Castle

  • An elegant letter sent to Eveningstar Castle

    Dearest Sirs,

    A militia private has a possession of mine. A young, over-eager private, Private Thar, has taken a mask from my learned associate Temere, under the rather foolhardy idea the item is infernal in origin. He has said the item will be brought to the "War Wizards".

    While I am more than happy to peddle wares to the esteemed War Wizards, that I retreive at great personal cost. This particular item from the bowels of a Drow Matron's home, my friend Temere has grown particularly fond of. Temere, an upstanding member of the Tychean community, has been greatly slurred by both this idiotic militia private, and a so-called scholar of the House of Dead, at a recent council meeting.

    Neither of these lay people can actually identify the mask, let alone unlock whatever secrets it holds, yet they insist in using their positions to advocate the misappropriation of private goods on the back of their rather immature and superstitious belief sets.

    Should the War Wizards see this piece being of value to their goals, Temere should - at the very least - be awarded, with accreditation from your fine establishment for bringing the device to your attention, and/or be compensated with an item of equal value that may aid him in learning Netherese, and of their secrets that are horrendously understudied these days. Any who believe in full compliance with the laws set forth by the King of Cormyr would be a curmudgeon to disagree with those sentiments.

    Sincerest of regards,

    Raryldur Cys'varian