• Alebeard,

    I am told you were within Lord Bhaliir's home at the last council meeting, and witnessed the explosion, and escape of a creature alleged to be a Beholder.

    In order to locate and eliminate the creature I am requesting written statements of those who were present. Leave no detail unmentioned, be they words spoken between Lord Bhaliir and the Thayan, or details of the nature of the wards themselves.

    Private Thar

  • [a second, identical letter finds its way to Alebeard]

  • Aye, I was there.

    We were in the main chamber when an explosion happened in a room at the back of Lord Bhaliir's estate. From the upper level, we marched into the room to find it ablaze. I set forth using my shield to suffocate the flames. I noticed a room to the side containing an old book, a wizard's staff, and other miscellaneous artifacts.

    In the lower level, visible from around the balcony on which we stood, was a giant hole and splinters of a crate.

    Lord Bhaliir referred to whatever it was as "his past" and that it had "mistaken his hospitality for weakness".

    Magus Namik and Lord Bhaliir retreated into a side room where they argued. Magus Namik accused the Lord of putting the city at risk with his foolishness. Lord Bhaliir made it clear that Namik's words were unwelcome in his home. Namik fled by way of his wussy magic cloak.

    That is the end of the matter from my eyes.