• Raryldur,

    I am told you were within Lord Bhaliir's home at the last council meeting, and witnessed the explosion, and escape of a creature alleged to be a Beholder.

    In order to locate and eliminate the creature I am requesting written statements of those who were present. Leave no detail unmentioned, be they words spoken between Lord Bhaliir and the Thayan, or details of the nature of the wards themselves.

    Private Thar

  • I was in Lord Bhaliir's council meeting, standing next to Private Thar. I heard an explosion in the back room, and there was a relatively large fire. I proceeded to the backroom, alongside Prativate Thar. The flames were extinguished. I saw a massive hole leading pretty deep underground, the backroom was sorrounded by magical wards.

    I heard no words spoken between Lord Bhaliir and the Thayan.