A Note for Senior Magus Vicho

  • Senior Magus

    I pass on a request from an ambitious adventurer of Arabel who wishes products for some form of kits he wishes to put together and sell to adventurers.

    Our Thayan Rods, due to their great versatility and lack of required magical skill to use, are considered to him to be an excellent potential addition to a Premium version of this kit. Therefore he is willing to make a Bulk Purchase of 5 or 10, depending on your final quotation, of the following rods wholesale: The Rod of Skins, The Rod of Armour and the Rod of Elemental Defence.

    As Senior Quartermaster of the Embassy, I bring this offer to you for appraisal, so that I may give him a price to aim for. While the Dwarf himself is about as sharp as a pebble his schemes may have some merit and would prove useful in getting our products back into circulation in Arabel.

    I await your Verdict.

    Magus Namik.

  • Admin [DM]


    Senior Magus Vicho

  • As you wish.

    I shall inform him of your Decision. I had assumed this answer, but most people find it easier to accept when it's on a piece of parchment for some reason.

    Magus Namik