• @latoksinned

    A letter sent to the House of Dead

    Dearest Kenpachi the Fairest Warrior of them all,

    I thought I should write concerning the issue of the lycan gang in the sewers. Since you seem to be seeking an appropriate challenge from them, I should inform you on some information Private Thar had told me.

    It is not clear the lycan gang is stealing children, at least from Arabel. No missing children have been reported to the militia over the last few weeks.
    Having found children in the sewers, the militia do not know where they have come from.
    Thayan involvement is, at this stage, likely to be involving an errant Red Wizard, perhaps seeking fame or glory, if at all. Given the scale of the lycan gang, it is unlikely the Grand Magus would have sanctioned slave trading on such a small scale considering the reputation damage he would incur in Cormyr and Thay if he was caught.

    For these reasons, I am only interested in speaking to lycans of the sewers. If another attacks you, I shall provide a bounty of 2,000 gold lions if you bring him to me, alive. I can be found in Old Town.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    If I can get it to surrender I'll bring it to you. I'll not kill any who face me in honorable one on one combat and yield.


  • A militia private is offering an off the books, personal bounty of 2,000 coins. I loathe to think what sort of scheme an off-duty militia officer has in store for whatever is pulled up from the sewers.

    Whatever he offers you to do the deed, I will outbid.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    I'll have my work ahead of me, but considering how often they hunt me and ambush me, it shouldn't take long.


  • A different topic. How about we arrange a festival to celebrate the end of the Shadovar conflict. I propose we invite the great and the good, and as a showpiece event, your fighting tournament.

    What say you?


  • Admin [DM]

    //Happy to help running this

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Lets see if we can get interest. I am in, however.


    ///let me know when you want to do this and we can try to work around our collective schedules