Lord Bhalir

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I was wondering if you have anything that might help me with a netherese translation?
    I have found some texts in the stonelands that i believe might relate to the internment of Zamundar the Curst, and he in turn to a death mask that seems to be highly sought after.

    i have tried to find a link between the bedine language and the netherese but so far find but a passing resemblance, i need something to give me the key to unlocking it. I shall continue to trawl the ruins of the netherese until such a time as i have found that which i need.

    In eager anticipation,
    Temere of Caprice

  • A fascinating query. It is true that in the past I have had several capable linguists under my employ. Alas, as the worst of storms have passed in the North- the long lasting peace has driven such masters of lore out of our realm. Thus today- our city of adventurers now faces a dire shortage of its greatest asset.

    Be that as it may, there are always ways to tap into the secrets of our past. If you promise a great boon to the realm of man for what you may uncover, Temere- then present yourself before me, and I will offer what I deem proper.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I will see if luck has us bump paths, there is bound to be some gain from such an event.
    Either way any lore you can point me to would be most fervently appreciated.