12 Eleasis Transcript (Bhaliir)

  • These papers finds their way to the proper messengers soon after the Court is let out, with a small note. "Distribute as you wish."

    Issue #1: Presentation of a painting of Bhaliir, found in the hoard of minotaurs in the haunted halls, by Raryldur.
    Status: Accepted. Invited to a private chat after the court.

    Issue #2: Private Thar's confrontation of Raryldur regarding a mask.
    Status: Mask identified as being held by drow, and possibly Netherese in origin. Mask was not presented at the time, as it is hidden underground by an unnamed mage. Raryldur has four days to bring the mask to the law keepers of the city.

    Issue #3: Surface drow.
    Status: Awaiting further reports.

    Issue #4: Business proposition - Adventurer's Kits - by Angus Alebeard
    Status: 10,000 gold loan approved for 30 days, with 50% of net profits going to Lord Bhaliir in exchange for his aid in securing contacts and advice. Invited for a further discussion post-court in private.

    Issue #5: Namik's self-nomination as Councillor of Magic of Arabel.
    Status: Dismissed temporarily, awaiting status of the War Wizards

    End Notes: Court adjourned after an explosion of unknown origin.

  • The lord appraises the transcript and it'd seem he is pleased, as he commands the messengers to be well fed before leaving his estate.