[Library] An Adventurer's Guidebook

  • Dear Librarians,

    As a fellow scholar, I've noticed that there is a lack of guidance for new adventurers. Given that this is a city that relies on such risk-heavy professionals to survive the various situations the world challenges it with, I've compiled a list of maps with information. I ask for no gold in return, merely that these books will be available for any adventurers to take for their own reference.

    Dodrick d'Morte
    House of the Dead

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  • Map 1: Historical Points of Interest

    1. Mush's Museum of Curios
      Inmai Mush is a collector of various different arms and armor, owning either originals or well-made replicas of historical factions within and around Arabel. The curator, while he tries to be thorough in his collections, possesses some amount of impatience, knowing that his allies in retrieval - adventurers - are also responsible for the loss of much of the arms and armor he would like to collect.

    2. Retainer Lionel Leidricht of House Hardcastle
      A monument to the retainer of the former Lord of the North, who is remembered for his bravery and loyalty. This statue reflects the hard-working nature of the city's heroes - as well as, perhaps, the coffers of the man who requested it.

    3. Dhalmass, the Warrior King
      This statue is in honor to King Dhalmass Obraskyr, born in 1186 DR. King Dhalmass was responsible for the re-annexation of the port city of Marsember. He is believed to have died fighting, alongside his wife, Jhalass Huntsilver, when his caravan was ambushed on the way back to the capital.

    4. Bloodwar Memorial
      Constructed to honor those who lost their lives defending the city during the Bloodwar, this roadside shrine is often littered with children's toys as an offering, along with the rare bag of spent mythallite dust.

    5. War Wizard Henri Labelle
      A statue of a man known for his fiery temper and swift sense of justice. However, his sacrifice ultimately saved several of the powerful ward-maintaining mages within the city.

  • Map 2: Shops

    1. The Eastern Market
      While small, this market is the closest to the caravanserai, making it ideal for merchants who need to sell their goods quickly. Of interest to adventurers are:
      • Gammatro Figleaf. A member of the Cobbled Circle, he sells many goods catered towards the few druids who enter the walls of Arabel. His most sold goods are his potions of Barkskin and potions of Woodlands.
      • Rorin DeSchurr. Of the DeSchurr family, this man sells a variety of mass-produced helms, as well as light and medium tabards. His most sold goods are his whetstones, which can grant an edge in combat.

    2. Frin's Herbal Remedies
      A small shop run by the Binkdsen family.
      • Idun Binkdsen. Daughter of Frin, she sells many adventuring wares. Her most popular goods are her adventuring tools, like the Ten-Foot Pole, for those who enjoy exploration.
      • Frin Binkdsen. Owner of the shop, this halfling exclusively sells healing and medicine kits, for those trained in their use. The herbs she uses are cheaper but just as potent as other stores. Some believe that she uses fungi grown in the sewers...

    3. House Tinkerfeet
      A store catered to odd goods.
      • Bibidi Tinkerfeet. This halfling specializes in glassblowing, running his forge upstairs. One of the few men capable of turning Eldritch Sand into products without causing volatile explosions. His goods are odd enough to attract few regular buyers, though many adventurers will experiment with his goods at some point.
      • Wellby Tinkerfeet. This halfling sells goods tailored to the halfling race, mostly cloth and light armor.

    4. Gnomish Wonders
      This upper store sells a variety of goods. Many gnomes will gather here during their breaks to share ideas and collaborate. The toymaker's apprentice and Roirry Munthylen are common guests.
      • Merrepi Bannal. A potionmaker, often stretched thin for herbs to meet the demand. As a result, he also sells a few common recipes to remove some of the stress.
      • Meppepi Lannab. An amanuensis (someone who copies scripts), this gnome also sells various writing tools. His most commonly sold good is his ink, though he also carries various parchments, books, and even customizable signets.

    5. Nebrilimar's Magical Goods
      The main draw of this store is its various magical crafting stations, which Neb lets guests use, free of charge.
      • Nebririlmar Cystafer. The shopkeeper. He sells goods catered towards aspiring mages, as well as certain potions, scrolls, recipes, raw wands, and various reagents. Of note is his Gorgon's Bane, which will undo petrification, as well as the Hardcastle Corrosion Reversal Device Mk I, which can remove magically induced rust, the bane of any adventuring frontsman.

    6. The Toy Store
      Extremely popular with children, this tall store caters to the inner child in everyone.
      • Rolim Hellek. Teprin's son, and a famous flirt. He specializes in gemstones and jewelry. His best product is the small diamond, used by many an adventuring cleric to their fallen allies back from death.
      • Teprin Hellek. The store owner, known for various magical toys that are ultimately harmless. He sells tinkering kits on the side, and is known for keeping a ready supply of warm milk for tired children. His most popular item is, by far, the Bully Boots, which can get people away from trouble...though it may also make them terribly lost.

    7. Magical Curiosities and Books
      This shop, located near the High Horn Gate, is slightly infamous for its liberal family structure.
      • Merom. A gnomish scholar. He keeps several books about the history of Arabel, as well as various large cities around Faerun. His most commonly sold copies are the books on Waterdeep and Helm's Hold, oddly enough.
      • Mebrith Engevis. A seller of magical books and a few minor potion recipes. Her most expensive book, Ankhali's Guide to Hedge Magic, serves as a guide for intermediate mages in exploring the depths of magic.
      • Al Qazar. An exotic woman who sells both arcane and divine wands. She serves as the storefront for her two, more scholastically inclined, lovers.

    8. The Western Market
      This open air market is far larger than the Eastern Market, boasting a variety of specialized goods. It's also popular with the dwarves, being so close to the Dwarven Embassy.
      • Rebur Kest. One of the Kest brothers, this smith sells small and medium shields, light armor, chain shirts, and many easily-produced weapons.
      • Glebur Kest. The other Kest brother, this smith sells breastplate and heavier armor, tower shields, and more complex weaponry. He additionally sells Eastwind pendants.
      • Sender Smiddy. A mage who will enable adventurers to use the Sending system, for a small fee.
      • Bericho Tane. A retired monk, he now sells monk-specific gear. Additionally, he serves as a scholar for the various monk orders around Faerun.
      • The fishmonger. One of many fishmongers, this youth will sell fishing supplies, barring an actual pole.
      • Milmandir Hawkson. A half-elven man who sells elven gear. Of particular note are his supply of arrows.

    9. Needles and Threads
      The tailoring store. A must-visit for any aspiring fashionistas, the floor is filled with mannequins, mirrors, and other tools of the tailoring trade.
      • Theodora Hall. A half-elven woman just coming of age, she specializes in embroidery and religious vestments. Modifying her vestments is rumored to have unforeseen consequences...
      • Nathello Hall. Doreta's husband, he sells many fashionable pieces with minor enchantments. His most popular item is, by far, his swim suits!
      • Diana Galley. Theodora's mentor and an associate of Doreta, she sells high end and exotic wares.
      • Doreta. The elven store owner, Doreta sells clothing dyes. She sees a lot of profit by selling to adventurers every time they get a new piece of armor or a new cloak.

    10. Jarnek's Carpentry
      An simple, if industrious, store, specializing in various goods.
      • Malva Gwengevis. A half-elf who sells exquisite hunter gear, as well as a few potions. Her most popular item is likely her cartography tools.
      • Jarnek Jr. This young man sells goods catered to more scholastically inclined elves. His apple juice is very fresh and clear.
      • Jarnek. This wiry carpenter sells woodworking tools, for those interested in the trade. Additionally, he builds furniture, wagons, and has even worked on a few of the houses around the city.

    11. Five Star's
      This homey store of a newly growing family. The shop is often a cacophany of children laughing and a baby wailing.
      • Thomas Geigers. A retired priest of Tempus, this boisterous man sells martial stones, when he doesn't have children hanging off his biceps.
      • Linda Geigers. A former Sembian, this woman sells a variety of goods useful to many adventurers.

  • Map 3: Services


    1. The Wild Goose Inn / World Serpent Inn
      This run down tavern is a staple of Arabel. However, there is more than meets the eye. Speak to Celas at the east gate of Arabel to learn more.

    2. Maleen's Spire
      Dedicated to Isadore Maleen, the popular head of the Mage's Guild, this tower serves as the center for magical research. Here, you can find the library as well as the Shrine to Mystra and the Shrine to Oghma. There are also several artifacts on display representing some of the history of the city.

    3. The House of the Dead
      The city morgue, also doubling as a Shrine to Jergal, Kelemvor, and Myrkul. Anyone who combats undead will be invited into the inner sanctum to record their deeds.

    4. The Lady's House
      The largest shrine in the city, with good reason. This Shrine to Tyche, chief deity of Arabel, is popular with both citizenry and adventurers.

    5. The Thayan Embassy
      Considered Thayan grounds, this building houses the Red Wizards who come to Cormyr for diplomatic purposes. They sell some goods you will not find anywhere without the arcane backing of a magocracy.

    6. Militia Headquarters
      The base of the peacekeeping force. It includes an office, armory, bell, and jail. Additionally, there are stockades outside, and a child waiting to sell you rotten eggs to throw at whatever poor soul gets the light sentence.

    7. The Dwarven Embassy
      Protected by the laws of Queen Brita Thunderhammer, this embassy serves as a gathering point for many dwarves in Arabel, as well as a museum of their exploits. It also has the best ale in the city. Obviously.

    8. The Ilmateri Camp
      Like many other cities, the Ilmateri make their home among the downtrodden, serving as healers and advisors to help get the forlorn back on their feet. However, the priests here are also considered the kindest in the city.

    9. The House of Wonders
      Formerly Hardcastle's Factory, this metallic tower is the center of activity for Gond's followers. It's also the production point of the Warforged, though how they're made is a closely guarded secret.

    10. The Witch's Tower
      Do not disturb Kanthea unless you have business involving outsiders. She's busy maintaining a seal on a rift that would otherwise flood the city with demons and devils.

    11. Old Man Shrimpy
      This old coot sits at the docks with his pole for hours on end. While he doesn't seem to do much all day, he's more than willing to teach people how to fish and sell you his old rods.

  • Map 4: Nobility and the Rich


    1. Bhaliir's Estate
      Recently built back up by Lord Foril Bhaliir, who now serves as Oversword of the local Purple Dragons as well as the Lord of Arabel, this dark estate is where he holds his court and private meetings. He is a man who appreciates history and the arts in his downtime, as well as hunting.

    2. Truesilver's Summer Villa
      This waterfront home belongs to the Truesilver family, often considered to be one of the families closest to Obraskyrs, both in terms of bloodline and camaraderie. They are also heavily invested in the nation's naval force.

    3. Kraliqh's Estate
      Formerly the Hardcastle Estate, Mister Valiant Kraliqh has repurposed this central estate for his own means. It is not unknown for him to fund certain expeditions, though he mainly deals in merchanting.

    4. House Hawklin
      This house has a history of supporting military activities as well as adventurers. Lord Hawklin recently retired from his position in the Militia to pursue a more agreeable lifestyle for his age.

    5. House Marliir
      The origin of the namesake Marliir's March at the base of the Stormhorns, this warrior house is considered quite capricious for nobility, fueling wars fairly often.

  • Map 5: Contracts and Sewer Grates


    This map is the same map available in the World Serpent Inn. It merely serves as a reminder to adventurers as to where they can go to find work. Please remember that some may disappear with time, and that there may be more work than what is shown here.

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