Research on Heavenly Bodies: Glyth

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Kenpachi searches through the library, coming up with little in terms of heavenly bodies. He asks the librarian if they've ever heard of Glyth, and where one might learn more about the lands of the sky.

  • They blink a few times in surprise, "yes, we've all heard of Glyth. Its the fifth wanderer and the sixth planet from the sun. Beyond that, is there something specific you are hoping to learn?"

  • Storyteller [DM]

    After pondering for awhile and debating how much he should reveal he settles on his questions

    "Do we know anything about life on Glyth? Do we know anything about what might circle it, much like Selune circles us? Is it possible for one of the sages with their viewing scopes or magic to see if something might have left Glyth and headed towards Toril?"

    ////Since it seems the solar system in realmspace is common knowledge can I assume cannon for at least things like maps of the solar system, and basic planetary information? Didn't want to assume as nothing was listed here.