The Elders Council

  • Race: Mostly Halfling, Gnome, Elf, Dwarf and Half Elf. Through any race with a none evil creator god is posssible.

    Alignment: Any... through CE mass murdering crazies are unlikely to fit in. CE elves who like setting werewolfs on fire will likely be fine through! 😉

    Class: Any really. Good for racial clerics especialy.

    Agenda: Political

  • Goals: While the faction is designed to be a good way to push any kind of race based plottage and will adapt to events, it will have a few major goals from the off.

    Reduce Thayen influrence in the city - there clearly evil humans and bad infulence on child race of man in Arabels morality!

    Wipe out the Blackbloods of the Hullack - With a long server history of Malar/elf conflict, there plenty of dead elves to avenge. Additionaly the general human poplation like Malar... but most of the Elder dieties hate him. Time to deal with the filthy werewolf problum once and for all!

    Increase Elder race numbers in places of political power - We feel safer if more dwarfs and halfings were in the guard, protectiong us from unpredictable evil humans!