A letter to Raryldur

  • Mr. Raryldur,

    You have made some noise. I will hear your story.

  • Attached is the following poster https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/42755/posted-under-denounciation-of-the-thayan-embassy-poster

    My Lord,

    As a Lord who greatly cares for his people, news of human children being abducted is undoubtedly a matter that is close to your heart.

    Rest assured, I am currently investigating the lycan gang in the sewers to establish the veracity of the rumours. The Cormyrian army are convinced they do, in fact, exist.

    I have a number of close friends aiding the task, who all view this as giving back a little to the lands that have given them so much.

    The Magus' actions in the ruins are either the result of incompetence or malevolence. He broke the wards on an ancient prison releasing some spirit that seemed to despise humanity.

    I also see a local transmuter has also sensationally publicly denounced the Thayans, claiming there is evidence of "deals with fiends", highlighting the widespread distrust of Thayan practices in the region. A man of the arcane, he will undoubtedly be invaluable to my investigations into Thayan malpractice.


  • Come by at my estate.

  • My Lord,

    You do me a great honour. I shall come by whenever you have a free space in your diary.

    Together we can thwart the Thayan menace that plagues our streets.


  • I understand you have been unable to find me. It is a pity, yet understand that a lord of Cormyr does not often find the pleasure to walk among the common man. It is a miracle on its own that you have managed to gain my ear.

    I will expect to see you bring forth your news and gifts before the throne of the Storm Dragon.

    Lord Bhaliir

    //Gonna hold a court at the estate some time this week. PM me suitable times.

  • Thank you for taking the time to write.

    It would be my deep and profound privilege to do both Lord Bhaliir.


  • Lord Bhaliir,

    I believe the arcanist has been in touch. Can you advice the militia that this matter is being resolved once you have met with him.


  • You may do so yourself.

    And we are still to have our private conversation.