A letter to the Thayan Embassy

  • @joekickass said in Denounciation of the Thayan Embassy:

    The Thayans have doomed us all

    The infernalist Red Wizard of the Thayan Embassy, last night, released an unspeakable horror upon Faerun last night, a shadow beast that seeks to destroy all of humanity.

    The Thayans are now implicated in both the slave trade of human children and are now neck deep in infernalism. All residents should petition Overlord Bhaliir to act swiftly and with justice to protect the innocent from further Thayan atrocities.

    I will assume you have a perfect explanation for this.

  • Lord Bhaliir

    The Explaination is as simple as it is disappointing.

    A group of adventurers were hired by the Curator Inmai Mush to retrieve a tome sealed away in an ancient shadovar crypt. Myself and Pathfinder known as Daxx were also in attendance due to a mutual distrust of said Curator and a previous agreement that anything he wants is far better in the hands of either the War Wizards, Kanthea, or the Embassy than in his own.

    Upon braving the depths of this crypt, we came to a sealed room, a prison for a shadow entity long forgotten to most civilisations. I studied the wards around it and made effort to break them, Confident that the group (Containing a Magus of Thay, a Greatly decorated Pathfinder of the Purple dragons, and the former Gladiator Ibrahim) could defeat subdue whatever lay within.

    The occupant, however, took advantage of my recently dispelled mind Wards and those of the adventurers present, sending us into a Dark Delirium that only the Gladiator was unaffected by. When I regained my senses, the creature had gone and the total absence of any sign of struggle leads me to believe that Ibrahim made no attempt to stop it, perhaps hoping it shall become a threat to Cormyr he believes to be worthy of his attention.

    In Summary, whatever entity was released is free not due to my actions, but due to the disregard for life of the Former Gladiator Ibrahim. He who stood aside and let it go free to do as it wished simply so it could grow into a foe he could be entertained by.

    As for the Other implications, The reference to slave trading comes from a trafficing ring that the Late Sgt Livingston tried and failed several times to connect to the embassy, most of the basis of this connection coming from a piece of parchment located at a crime scene naming a magus who did not infact exist.

    The infernalism charge is simple due to an artefact in my possession with the capacity to summon a bound and entirely unintelligent demon of middling power. An Act entirely within my rights as a diplomat of Thay but one I have only performed under dire circumstances due to your countries distaste for the use of such beings as servants.

    Do not waste your time with the cries of doomsayers. They will seek any reason to call for Thayan blood in spite of my efforts to aid in the ills of their city.

    -Barakir of the Arabel Enclave, Raalkir of the Glorious Nation of Thay, Official Diplomatic Envoy of the Red Wizards, Assistant Minister of Commerce to the Council of Arabel, Daeron Khagos Namik

  • Many adventurers were present that day, we were tasked by a certain Inmai Mush with retrieving a book from a tomb. And as a group we put it to a vote and made unanimous decision to open the vault containing said book.
    There were no warnings to speak of that there'd be some foul creature inside said vault. The person who lodged the complaint voted for the decision of opening that vault just as everyone else did and is likely cooking up as much baloney as humanly possible in order to shift the blame away from himself.

    ~Renny Skrypes of the Arabel Enclave, Thayan Knight of the Glorious Nation of Thay, Officially assigned Body Guard of "Barakir of the Arabel Enclave, Raalkir of the Glorious Nation of Thay, Official Diplomatic Envoy of the Red Wizards, Assistant Minister of Commerce to the Council of Arabel, Daeron Khagos Namik." And professional logistics and acquisition scout.

  • @joekickass said in Infernalist Mask - For Auction:

    Esteemed Arcanists of Cormyr,

    I have in my possession a powerful infernalist mask. The Arabel Militia has authorised me to dispose of it in a manner that is best for their safety and for mine.

    I am hereby authorising an auction.

    The price: Relics, lore, information relating to the Fey of equal value and potency as the mask or
    Relice, lore, information relating to Chaos, its planes, and/or the extraction of chaos essence of equal value and potency as the mask

    Considering the mask is VERY powerful, I am duty bound to do a background check on any prospective owners. Since I would not expect disreputable people to bid for such an item, this will very likely be a mere formality.

    Seek out Raryldur at the World Serpent Inn

    Lord Bhaliir

    I have enclosed a poster written by the same individual who accuses me so vehemently.

    I think that we can make certain assumptions about a person who believes a militia order for the safe disposal of an infernal artefact would allow him to sell it off to the highest bidder.

    His desire to put this item into general circulation, and apparent predilection for chaos, paint the picture of an unhinged and dangerous individual.

    His attacks upon my reputation are clearly a feeble attempt to distract from his own schemes by making a scapegoat of Cormyr's loyal trading partners, whose vast knowledge in rendering infernal and abyssal threats harmless would hinder his anarchistic attempts.

    As a member of your court, I would advise you have this lunatic arrested, and the mask turned over to the embassy for proper study where it may bring no harm to the people of Cormyr.

    This display that Cormyr and Thay remain undivided allies despite his efforts will go a long way in increasing your reputation with magi of High standing, who have the capacity to make trade between our nations even more lucrative.

    I await your wisdom upon this matter.

    -Magus Namik

  • We will find a suitable solution to this, together. Find me, magus.

  • I invite you to visit my estate, magus.

    Lord Bhaliir

    //Gonna hold a court at the estate some time this week. PM me suitable times.

  • Lord Foril Bhaliir

    I pen this Missive in my Official capacity as Envoy of the Arabel Enclave.

    It is my duty to inform you that, should your threats of harm or death toward the official representative of Thay in Arabel continue without a cause recognised as justifiable by the Embassy, the Court of King Azoun V of Cormyr shall be issued a formal complaint regarding your conduct, and the ability of the Nobility of Cormyr to maintain the safety of Diplomats representing their allies shall be called into question.

    Furthermore, Should the Official Representative of Thay in Arabel be harmed by your hand or upon your orders, far more serious sanctions shall occur. For yourself this may include the order of your Extradition to Thay in remuneration for your crimes against our nation so that peaceful relations with cormyr may be maintained. However, if you refuse or resist Extradition, Our nation shall be forced to impose Economic Sanctions upon Cormyr. Interest payments on Loans and Investments made to Cormyr and Arabel Specifically shall be increased severely. And our offers of financial intervention in times of crisis, along with that of other foreign powers we can call upon, shall no longer be available to Cormyr.

    It is our hope that you have understood and accept these terms.

    Magus Khagos Namik
    Representing the Arabel Enclave.

  • I can see that you have run under the skirt of your esteemed Khazark after yesterdays tantrum like an infant in search of comfort, and instead of ceasing your idiocy, you continue to feed the fire with these words of lunacy.

    Threats, insults, ignorance to our nations laws- and a lack of proper manners- Is this how the envoys of Thay are taught to operate on foreign soil? It was Lord Hardcastle who used his considerable influence to allow an enclave to be established in Arabel. He held the ear of the King at the time, and a respectable partnership was allowed to be formed. It allowed your people to return to Arabel only a decade after the disaster that destroyed your last embassy. And this is all- because the Lord of Arabel alone sought for it.

    As I now hold the ear of the King, and I am the Lord of Arabel, I am the one in charge. If you fail to show capability to cooperate in a civil and diplomatic manner and only portray the worst side of Thayan qualities through a lust for power and influence, I no longer see a purpose to keep you here. I will not support the intentions of an erratic and unreliable nation- whose agents show no ability to behave and collaborate.

    If you are the best your nation has to offer as a diplomat today- then I fear your nation is in a far worser state than I'd realized.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • Lord Bhaliir

    As I promised when we first met, I provided you counsel and advice upon a magical threat to arabel. As my words reflected poorly on you, you chose to take them as insults rather than truth and made insults to my intellect, position and Standing rather than any true rebuttal of any point I had made.

    When i explained the jeopardy your standing may be in due to the events, you threatened my person and then my life. I must confess my Common is not so fluent as my own tongue but it seems to me that it is not my actions that resemble a tantrum.

    It appears I must remind you that you are a Subject of your King and That you have already overruled his decree for a democratic arabel by declaring your chancellorship until death or removal from office.
    I am in Cormyr by leave of The King, My country has Provided and still provides magical and financial support to the Arabel, and has done long before you returned to the city of your forefathers.

    In short Lord Bhaliir, What does the King Value more? A long standing and valued economic ally that stands as one of the magical capitals of the world, or a Lord from a disgraced house who threatens Diplomats and keeps Beholders in poorly warded rooms to serve a personal grudge.

    I shall await your apology.

    Magus Khagos Namik.

  • What are you on about? You came to me hoping to be rid of your miserable life through insidious means of outright arrogance and stupidity. There was no "counsel" there. You made your arrogant remarks, spat at my face, then used that cloak of yours to chicken away from the scene.

    It appears I must remind you that you are a diplomat of Thay, and as such your actions represent your nation. Through these ridiculous stunts, you continue to weaken your nations relationship with the only city in Cormyr that continues to tolerate an embassy of your nation.

    Do you plan on seeing the influence of Thay removed from Cormyr to be your only accomplishment? If so, keep what you are doing now. As the only thing you've managed to give me is a headache, I truly fail see what other purpose you'd serve.

    Lord Bhaliir

    Ps. There are no beholders in my basement.

  • Lord Bhaliir

    You have been warned your actions shall have consequences should you continue to insult the Representative of an Allied nation. I would advise you Desist before action must be taken.

    As you have stated, I am a diplomat of Thay. Your insults to me are insults to my nation and will be viewed as such.

    And I must ask, do you plan to remove Thayan influence from arabel yourself due to perceived slights and imagined insults?

    I still await your apology. I advise it be present in your next letter.

    Magus Khagos Namik

    P.s. not anymore. That is the issue.