super fixing up work! wow!

  • Hey guys! I haven't got the new game yet, I haven't been playing the last while, but I can see in the forums that people are busy finding bugs, fixing them, converting the new game and making it awesome! Keep up the good work!

    I'm hoping to get more involved in the game come October/November, once binging on a computer game won't mean me missing on our short but amazing summers here in Canada!

    I will be able to test the server as a 'forever noob' again then, because everything will be new to me again lol O_O;

    It's great to see you've all managed to hang in there, keep your spirits up, and do some of this work, which can be pretty hard/ painstaking sometimes.

    I will probably play some newer games too, since I have a gaming computer that can play games from within the last 10 years now lol. And I'm on steam. Etc etc.

    If there is still room for people to join the 'builders' group by then, hopefully I will be up to getting involved with that; its been a hope of mine, that I've tended to put off, to learn more about the multimedia, guts of the game, scripting, etc... how to build modules, do 3d model work etc. I might have more time to learn how some of the more modern software for some of these things works, too. So just saying hi, etc. I'm going to copy this to my 'playing times and dates' post, so if you have to move this to another thread or delete, that is ok.