Three Gods of the Militia

  • I've uncovered three documents that tell conflicting stories about the famed three gods that once served the Arabel Militia.

    Before his ascension to godhood, Kelemvor was a human fighter named Kelemvor Lyonsbane, who was best known for his association with the adventurers Adon, Cyric, and Midnight, the latter two of which also later became deities. However, in our documents, we state that three deities came out of the Militia's ranks. Only two are listed.

    Document B:

    • The City Militia has a long and rich history in Arabel, having counted three Gods in their ranks at one time.

    Document C:

    • The Arabel City Militia has a long history in Arabel. It has boasted some of the most renown names in its ranks, including Cyric, Kelemvor and Adon of Sune.

    My question is this: if Kelemvor and Cyric were once members of the Militia, and the militia had three gods counted in its ranks... who is the third god? Is it Midnight (who would later become Mystra) or did Adon ascend in a way that is not written in any books I've read?

    Luke Livingston

  • Admin [DM]

    [A rather wispy and used up fellow of a librarian comments that it's possible, maybe likely the third mysterious god was Midnight or Mystra or Mystryl, but who can know with the gods being how they are? He mutters as he shuffles off about the silliness of women, divine or not...]