Ibrahim Cahin

  • Dearest Master Cahin,

    I believe we have met while wandering the forests for a bear at the good Lord's request. I am Raryldur Cys'varion. I was priveleged to have met with Lord Bhaliir, ruler of Arabel, upon my return from the Port of Hanse. He told me you could help me.

    I am told that you had worked with the High Priestess of the church of Akadi. I have been sent here to investigate rumours that Akadi herself appeared in the region and her divine magics rescued the village of Tilverton.

    Please, if you would be so kind, could you please tell me what you know of the High Priestess of Akadi? Furthermore, where can I find any information, or evidence, on the manifestation of the Lord of Wind in the region? If I recall, you are a warforged. Were you present when the Lord of Wind appeared, if so can you describe the avatar?

    Kindest of Regards,

    Raryldur Cys'varion