• The vanilla duration for this spell is 1 round/level. The CoA version is 1 hour/level.

    With the shift to EE, not only can you not hear players who are standing right next to you (and by hear, I mean see their text-based emotes), you can't talk to NPCs to cure it!

    The removal spell is Circle 3, meaning potions of it are 330g gold, while the inflicting spell is Circle 2.

    I think a cheaper version of it - perhaps something using a healing check - would help. That or shortening the duration to turn/level, considering that still means 6 turns minimum for a pureclass wizard.

  • Once you get blind/deaf, you're screwed the entire quest unfortunately.

  • You can usually find potions of restored senses on quests. People just never pick them up... >_>

  • Questing is low right now, FearMoho. Also, folk are scared to do sewer goblins at the moment because there was a recent shitshow of it.

  • Wow, yes. That's ridiculous.

    I'll fix the duration to what it should be.

  • The issue being described is that Blind/Deaf is on a quest where the players wouldn't have had time to find the Restored Senses potions/scrolls on other quests.
    The spell isn't the issue, so why nerf the spell (and enchanter mages that are already going to be nerfed when PfL and PfC don't need to be discovered as alterations any more) when the issue is with the quest?

    Change the quest, not the spell.

  • This is back to default now. I have no idea why it was ever even changed.

  • Turns out its a legacy bug.

  • This post is deleted!