To Senior Magus Vicho

  • Senior Magus Vicho,

    It is with utmost regret that I inform you that one of your countrymen, X Treswill of the Thayan Embassy, has been implicated in an ongoing smuggling operation within the borders of Cormyr.

    The Arabel Militia have been handling an ongoing case involving a gang of wererats operating in the city sewers believed to be involved with kidnapping and selling Cormyrian children. Early in the investigation, a parchment was uncovered that detailed an agreement between these lycans and the Thayan enclave. I have provided a copy of it in this envelope.

    I brought the matter up with Magus Khagos Namik (whose title is lengthy and quite substantial) who kindly offered cooperation with us as we worked to find the truth behind the scheme. Hopefully, to absolve the enclave of any wrongdoing.

    Earlier this week, myself and Pathfinder Daxx were joined by a handful of adventurers in hopes of putting the matter to rest once and for all by breaking the wererat gang and uncovering any and all evidence.

    Over a matter of 30 minutes, we were able to break their line, capture one of them, and receive a confession with minimal interrogation. We were lead to an altar in which they stored their valuables. Among them, this contract detailing an ongoing agreement between X Treswill and themselves for the sale of contraband which includes bleakstones. Bleakstones are a forbidden item in Cormyr, and possession alone carries the most extreme of punishments.

    I'm aware that Thayan law and Cormyrian law differ greatly, however, I can not ignore that this operation took place in our territory. I have to request that X Treswill be turned over to the Arabel Militia to be questioned and potentially ultimately tried for these crimes. Doing so would undoubedly have a positive effect on the embassy's reputation as it would show a respect for Cormyrian law and its people.

    It was not hard to uncover these damning documents, and I wish to close this case quickly and avoid having to spend any unnecessary resources digging any deeper into the matter than I have to.

    Sergeant Livingston
    Arabel Militia

    ((A copy of this letter was sent to Livingston's Lieutenant))

  • Perhaps the intricacies of Thayan politics escape your mind Sergeant, but why would any Red Wizard ever be so stupid as to implicate himself on a written letter with a pack of rabid and mad lycanthropes?

    It may suggest you are asking the wrong questions entirely.

    • Senior Magus Vicho

  • Senior Magus Vicho,

    Then, perhaps in a show of good faith, you would allow me to speak with X Treswill in order to clear up the matter?

    Sergeant Livingston