World Serpent Inn

  • Any reason for a password here? If it is the central hub, should it not be open to all, with stuff to do there? (Crafting facilities, buffbot wizards, etc) This will just encourage the few players online to go to the same area.

  • The starting quest will give new players the password, and any experienced players will already know it. Also, Raznor is in the Spire of Maleen.

  • Admin [DM]

    @mr-moloch said in Changes to the module:

    The World Serpent Inn password is back, and its a new password -- you learn it on a quest for new players, old players who had a character transferred will have to find it the old fashioned way (or PM me, and I'll let you know cause I'm such a nice guy). cough its "scales"* ...I don't want a bunch of PMs really.

  • The main reason, is this is the World Serpent Inn, we want to ensure (if this isn't the best way, its definitely not the only way) that the area is clearly not part of Cormyr; its its own entity, its neutral ground, Purple Dragons can't come rushing in to raid to catch a necromancer (literally, the inn will spit them out somewhere else if they were to try -via DM-).

    So the fact that you are clearly activating a magical portal helps to reinforce that idea--but the password should be something every single adventurer can learn. The portal passwords to get into the inn from other portals will also be easier to figure out soon too. This is literally going to be the central hub of the module where all players can/should be able to congregate.