Lizardfolk attack: Report request

  • Participants of the attack are requested to report on the event. Any details may be of use.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Sent to Daxx

    The reptiles attacked in the evening. A large horde descended on the southern gate. Lord Bhaliir led a small defence and the Purple Dragon unit appeared to finish off the stragglers. Why the Purple Dragons appeared at the end, and not the start is beyond me. Dwarves would not be so naive.

    The good Lord asked us to head to the swamps. A druidic wererat led us to a swamp clearing. He and the Thayan wizard with us, captured a Yuan-Ti who claimed that the lizards were being forced to send their runts to suicidal missions like this against humans, due to the humans claiming all the habitable land in the region. The Thayan tried to work out the nature of the enthralment and took the Yuan-Ti to Bhaliir's estate in the city.

    Sulina Ogretoe