Ranger: Bonus Skills Points

  • The extra skill points ranger normally receive are not working.

    Per Ranger class page:
    6 skill points per level (instead of 4)

    We are back to 4 points now. I've confirmed this with my

    Known issue but I was asked to report it anyway.

  • This is caused because EE is going to introduce the ability to apply modifications to the base games content prior to logging in. "Such as being able to pick a corner alignment paladin on creation rather than after making"

    The old method of doing so (which is what was used for rangers) doesn't work in EE. So the modified on creation bonuses that rangers get don't work (namely skillpoints and higher reflex saves)

    The reason your ranger currently has some kit benefits despite the kits not being functional anymore Minion, is that you had those feats and skills prior to being transfered over into EE. But you wouldn't be receiving extra skillpoints on further levels from now on until Beamdog actually fully implements the system that allows the dm team to apply content changes that come into effect before logging in.

  • Thanks for the info, @Chips . Do they have an ETA on those improvements?

  • Admin [DM]

    When the stars align and cthulu rises from ry'legh, and the hexadominal diamond shines in the sky.

  • My best estimate would be after the core system fixes.

    The biggest issue towards fixing rangers isn't really time or scripts. The tools they used to apply changes to a class that would apply on character creation rather than after your character was made had to be removed from nwn so that beamdog could start working on a hardcoded feature that'd allow people to do that a lot easier and without using gimmicks like we did. It's definitely on beamdogs to do list but it's probably not at their priority list, I'm not sure when they'll get to it. But it's definitely going to happen.

    But once it does get put in, there's still stuff on the dm team's priority list that's higher than fixing rangers, such as the following.

    • Spawn points: would be high on the priority list because without them people are diddling in the road to arabel every reset.
    • Fugue plane scripts: would be high up there because death scripts are tied to xp loss/gain, bleeding/death scripts, and healing kits.
    • Resman replacement: since Resman's not working on EE and it's one of the more useful DM tools, without it. Setting up events is a lot harder, and those are important to attract/keep the playerbase involved (moreso than tweaks to classes)
    • Hak/model/area/texture stability: Laggy server is a best case scenario right now, since faulty haks can dish out invisible people or crashing areas, not to mention module corruption. Making sure the haks are stable, functional and not borked is time consuming and still higher on the priority list.

    Long story short even if beamdog puts the fix in immediately, I don't expect we'll be seeing any major class fixes/changes for a month or two (minimum). Take solace in the fact that every other class (except Rogue and druid) got a bit weaker as well from this fiasco so the rangers aren't underpowered atm.

  • Thank you for the information. Was mere curiosity. I know there is much more important things that needs fixing on our end.