EE install and my dumb questions...

  • Hello.

    Here is my dumb first question of the day. Can EE from steam be installed on 2 different computers? Meaning I install Steam on a separate PC and just download the game, install, play, etc. Then go back home and resume play on my original pc/install of the game?

    Second dumb question. Are the requirements for EE the same, slightly higher or way higher than 1.69 to work on a PC?

    Long story short, my home computer is a desktop. When I go visit my mom, I got an older PC there I used for 1.69. Need to know if I can just install steam and EE there without having to buy the game again.

    Thank you.

    A lazy Loony

  • Admin [DM]

    You can have the game installed on 99 computers via steam, but you cant play the same game at the same time.
    In regards of EE requirements, I got no idea. I would assume a little higher than 1.69 but not much?

  • @puffy
    Ooooh. Awsome. I'll have to test if it work on that old thing then. Hope it does!