9967 hours till i can rest...

  • Storyteller [DM]

    seems the clock function is broken, spell casters beware

  • Admin [DM]

    Hm sounds similar to the script issue I had when I started DMing, most likely one of the time scripts have borked which could also explain the lag.

  • All the time based scripts need to be replaced with the vastly performace and reliability superior NWNx:EE functions that allow you to access System.Time.

  • Could this be the source of the immense lag on the server, heartbeat/other scripts calling at the wrong intervals/too fast?

  • Not really, it's not that the scripts are doing anything they didn't used to.

    It's just that the numbers they relied on changed/reset/were altered by the changeover/time/database move.

    So, the lag won't actually be those scripts, they create as much lag as they used to on the old server.

    If they were converted, it would have a performance effect of some kind. Probably not huge.

  • Not noticed any lag, but I found resting completely borked. Like it did not work at all.