Ranger Kit: Dual Wield

  • Duel wield ranger kit doesn't work on transferred PCs. No feats from the kit are listed in the PC's feat list.

  • are you sure?

    I have a duel wield, at lvl 10 pure ranger, and my PC was transferred. I got all of the following:

    Dual wielder:
    Rangers who take the duel wield path gain the following:

    • Level 3: Ambidexterity, and two weapon fighting
    • Level 6: Improved Two weapon fighting
    • Level 9: Evasion.

    Do you have a pure ranger?

  • My PC has 6 lvls of ranger and only gets TWF and Ambi. I assumed these were from being a ranger in light or no armour. No Imp TWF feat in the feat list.
    Do all of your feats appear in your feat list?

    My ranger has 2 levels in another class, so no, not pure class.

  • Made a ranger last night, I had the same issue.

  • Weird...
    I checked last night and I had Improved Two weapon fighting and Evasion both.

    Did you have your 6 lvls of rangers when you transferred, or got the 6th in EE? (just thinking if you did not, maybe the kit is broken, but since I had the feat already in my list, it did not remove them or something?)