Helm Shrines and Temples in the Area

  • Luke Livingston walks into the library, searching for any records or local maps leading to a temple or shrine to Helm that the public can access within the present-day City of Arabel.

  • Admin [DM]

    The assistant librarian on duty informs him that there have been a few shrines to Helm in Arabel. One was many years ago, before the Goblin War, but it, along with others, was destroyed. There was a second shrine to helm housed in the estate of Lord Fezznick, but that was before the Primordial Awakening, which destroyed the estate, and the shrine along with it. She would also tell him that while there is no public shrine currently standing in the city, He Who Watches Over Travelers is still revered by many, and there may be private shrines held within households of Arabelans.

  • Luke thanks the librarian's assistant for the information and inquires as to what the requirements would be to open a recognized shrine in the city. Property fees, licensing, etc.

  • Admin [DM]

    She tells him, "An officially recognized shrine would need an officially recognized church member in good standing to even begin the paperwork." Then she reminds him that she's a librarian, not the Herald's personal secretary.