NWN EE: Appearance Issues

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    Report any issues in regards of appearances found IG, such as paintings taking over an area, an NPC turning invisible, a torture device flying above the Thayan Embassy, or if a dog has suddenly turned into a balor prince.

    Please fill in the following format

    Area name:
    Appearance issue:
    Server Version:
    Screen Shot (Optional):

    Note: This thread is for APPEARANCES only! 🙂

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    Area name: King's Swamp: Calantar's Gate
    Appearance issue: Gater has turned into a giant Kenko, located next to the gates linked to Downtown
    Server Version: v4086
    Screen Shot (Optional):

    Fixed with v4097

  • Area name: Gilmor's Tower
    Appearance issue: Paintings as Barrels, Poster-board as Bottle
    Server Version: v4086
    Screen Shot (Optional):

    Fixed with v4097

  • Area name: Arabel, Interiors
    Appearance issues: Bottles turned into paintings, carpet turned into a shelf, corner tables turned into ovens, statue turned into a barrel, desk turned into a houseplant
    Server Version: v4086
    Screenshots: Before/After

    Wardens Hall ("Downstairs"):

    Meeting Hall

    Chambers ("Upstairs"):


    Area removed.

  • ### Area Name: Wyvernwater - Isle of Immersea - Interiors
    Appearance issues: Sailors outfit, Offering Bowl turned into a table
    Server Version: V4086
    Screenshots: Before/After

    Boat NPC


    Offering Bowl


    Fixed with v4097

  • Area Name: Eveningstar
    Appearance Issues: Purple Dragon Lionar Shield, runestones turned into a shelf, invisible boy
    Server Version: V4086
    Screenshots: Before/After

    Purple Dragon Lionar Shield

    0_1528895523590_Eveningstar - PDShield.JPG

    Runestone - Shelf


    Invisible Boy

    0_1528895541269_Eveningstar- Invisible Boy.JPG

    Fixed v4097

  • Area Name: Castle Eveningstar
    This area has numerous appearance issues, but due to massive lag inside it (WARNING), it is currently impossible to record these appearance issues.
    Server Version: V4086

    Sometimes it's easier to burn it down and start over than try to fix it.
    This area is going to be rebuilt.

  • The following are all from Server Version: 4088

    Area Name: Wyvernwater: Isle of Immersea - Interiors (in the Ferry section)
    Appearance Issue:
    - Offering Bowl, Selune. bowl placeable replaced by a table

    Sailor Kent Lennartsson's Blue Dragon Uniform has sleeve issues.

    Above are fixed.
    Area Name: Starwater Gorge: Eveningstar Castle
    Appearance Issue:
    - the desks around the lobby (entrance) have been replaced by fireplaces
    - Table in the west and east mini offices have been replaced by a potted plant
    - Spawning point statue is now a table
    - Columns that are around the war wizard area transition (Near Batthemage Wallino) are now torture devices.
    - In the same location, whatever was on the wall behind is now a bed.
    - War Wizard Summoning device (called War Wizard Summoner) is now a mini box
    - Queen Nalara Marliir's statue (at the entrance) is now the statue of a man holding a shield.
    - Barracks common area and Officer common area, bottles have been turned into paintings
    - In the cells, there is a bookshelf. Not sure what it was suppose to be. Bucket?
    - "Lord Marshal Marliir - Died against the Shadovar" bust statue is now a barrel
    - Officer bedrooms, desks have become potted plants

    Note: could not check the War Wizard section for more issues.

    - Jail Keeper has a diamond tower shield instead of a dragon one.
    - All the crafting merchants, and the Chief are missing their limbs. (apron model is bugged)

    The above area will be rebuilt.

    Area Name: Arabel, Citadel: Interiors (in the section for the Blue Dragon Pier)
    Appearance Issue:
    - in the storage room, bottles are now paintings
    - In the mini office, bottles are now plainting and the coffee table is now a drawer.

    The above area was removed.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    area name : kings swamp calantar gate

    appearance issue : the gnomish contraption is now a wrecked ship

    Fixed v4097

  • Area: The lost Ring Quest, area where the dirge's spawn.
    Issue: Dire dirges currently look like half invisible armored horses.
    Version: EE

    Fixed v4097

  • Area name: Entire Server
    Appearance issue: All NPCs with the Blacksmith Apron clothing are missing their entire bodies except the apron and the head
    Server Version: 4086 (I think?)
    Screen Shot (Optional):

    alt text

    Edit by Echo:
    I got the ones in Kraliqh's Estate.

  • @stevelichman said in NWN EE: Appearance Issues:
    Area name: Old Town main gate
    Appearance issue: Double placed sign
    Server Version: 1404728
    Screen Shot (Optional):

    Old Town has been removed.

  • Admin [DM]

    Have fixed most of these. Please report any others found individually via Redmine. It makes my life so much easier. Thank you.