Luke Livingston's Logbook

  • Evening (Kythorn 😎
    Lieutenant Haveson informed me that a new initiative handed down from the top insisted that we militia take a more active role in the community. That is keeping the citizenry in peace and out of harm isn't enough.

    To fulfill this order, I followed some leads on a young halfling's missing family heirloom that she feared had been stolen. I recruited a local adventurer by the name of Karon to assist me in the search for the item.

    After some brief investigation of her home, we found a drainage grate that had been displaced, allowing objects larger than usual to fall to the basement below. We decided to investigate.

    Upon entering the surprisingly large basement - which the resident insisted she hadn't opened since buying the home - we were accosted by abnormally large insects. Spiders, beetles, and even some flying creatures.

    We disposed of the menace, but once we did, we discovered (text illegible).

    It was horrifying. Upon dispatching these new foes, we found the ring and returned it to its rightful owner.

    /End of Shift

  • Morning (Kythorn 10)

    During a patrol of the sewers, I was accosted by a half-rat half-man (to which I'll henceforth refer to as ratman) that attempted to end my life under Old Town.

    The fight was brief, but upon inspection of his assets, I uncovered a map and instructions that indicate that the ratmen are in the midst of some kind of ongoing business transaction with the Thayans. Namely, to sell children they've abducted into slavery.

    I have no words for this level of evil. It's a horrible fate that these children face at the hands of the Thayans. There's a special place in the nine hells for them.

    I took the parchment to my Lieutenant, who gave me a stipend and instructed me to spearhead the investigation. He stressed the importance of not stirring up a political shitstorm without hard evidence. It's my intention to recruit the right team to assist me in this endeavor.

    Afternoon (Kythorn 10)

    I worked with two adventurers: a warforged with a damaged eye named Ibrahim Cihan and a human woman named Jade Black. We went down into the sewers in hopes of following this map I uncovered from the ratman earlier. What we discovered was beyond description.

    Goblins and other fiends in cult-like robes were aplenty down there. Requesting some kind of ultimate sacrifice or bribe to the "great beast" that lay beneath the city.

    At one point, a particularly strong goblin had Jade Black at the tip of his sword. She fought him off, bravely, long enough for us to down the monster. Unfortunately, I fear we are no closer to finding a link between the ratmen and Thay.

    I paid each of them $4000 out of my stipend and the bounty we uncovered from the beasts.

    Evening (Kythorn 10)

    Continuing my run of good luck with Jade, we partnered with a halfling named Pearl Tosscobble to assist a local woman in finding her ring. Afterward, Pearl broke off and we met back up with Ibrahim and a roguish halfling named...damn... I have no memory of his name.

    We went into the woods to respond to tales of a Goblin encampment in a cave system. The tales were true, and we made many sacrifices to eliminate them.

    It's a shame though, Jade fell twice. Thankfully, she is alive and well, but on two occasions in combat, we were overwhelmed and Jade was the victim of circumstances.

    I, too, fell. In my case, it was due to idiocy by attempting to cross a runed floor.

    We accomplished our task and made it back to the city, safe. The halfling... I do not know where he went after we left the caves.

  • Morning (Kythorn 14)

    Set out on a grand hunt with Lord Bhaliir, a wererat, and a halfling named Sago. We downed many beasts, including badgers, foxes, bears, and scorpions the size of horses.

    Once the festivities were complete. I was rewarded with digging holes and burying the damned carcasses. I should have known better than to sign up to join a hunt hosted by that ridiculous man. My career depends on him, and I know this, but I would give anything to see him fall face-first in the mud.

  • Morning (Flamerule 2)

    I'm against a wall with the ratmen investigation. The lead on an X Treswill of the Enclave is the best I've had yet. But, I may have played my hand too soon. Inexperience on my part. X Treswill might not be the name of anyone that even exists. Magus Namik seemed to believe he did, but it's hard to tell when he's being upfront and when he's plotting.

    I'm going to have to find a lycan in town willing to bluff this X Treswill into revealing himself. Unfortunately, lycans and the militia have a long history of not getting along. Maybe Lord Bhaliir's wererat friend... but I haven't seen him in quite some time.

    Day (Flamerule 2)

    Orwell and I are in business. I decided to invest 400 gold coins per day into his operation in exchange for a 35% return on any profits he made. It's my hope that over the next several months, the profits from his business exceed expectations and my return amounts to more than the bargained stipend.

    I'm a terrible investor. I know this. Frankly, I'm asking for trouble in this arrangement. However, a Waukeen faithful blessed by Waukeen with the power to heal... he must be doing something right. Maybe I'll lose a lot of gold in this process. Maybe I'll retire by the time I'm 50.

    Evening (Flamerule 2)

    I'm certain that Larry is trying to get me into mischief. Last night, as we set out to rescue some innocents from the clutches of orcs and bandits, he continually stated that he killed a Thayan. He knows that I've been investigating a case involving Thay. I'm not sure if he wants me to inquire further into his claims, or he's merely boasting.

    He presented me with a Thayan rod of some kind as proof to his claims. I don't feel compelled to arrest him as I have no proof beyond his bloviating, and adventurers are always boasting their accomplishments, fictional or not.

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