On the Nature of Monsters

  • Bulletins written in a fine runic script are placed throughout Arabel

    It has been mine displeasure to witness individuals siding with scaled beasts, and other monsters, in a strange display of republican and egalitarian values. I find it difficult to clasp hands with beings who would clasp hands with animals that would gladly eat the children of dwarves, men, or elves as a delicacy given the power to do so.

    Make no mistake, a monster is one for a reason. They lack any basic sense of decency, or civility. They exist only to be eradicated, or removed. This would seem obvious, but it appears that I must state this in writing.

    Whether it's the view of misguided pragmatism (As if it is pragmatic to leave an enemy at thy back) mealy mouthed egalitarian ethics mistaken as righteousness, or just plain gullibility, I find those with this lack of judgement pitable.

    As Barakor, and Paladin of the stone, I have put countless monsters to death, down to the last woman, and child to ensure the security of mine kinfolk. This is good and right, and the Mordinsamman and other gods do smile for the eradication of their hated enemies followers.

    Stop being a bunch of bloody wazzocks, and let me do my work.

    The Barakor Dorian of Clan Blackforged,
    Chained adherent to the Angel Sariel.