Lecture to be held, all invited. Tommorow.

  • A lecture shall be held in the public lecture square just outside the old town brothel house in old town. All are welcome to attend and participate. The lecture will be on Idealistic Morality and how it relates to our society.
    Considering it is a lecture, attendants are expected to remain quiet and respectful. However there will be intervals where questions can be had and discussion will be allowed. The lecture will be held by Valeria Ashwood.

    It will be held tommorow in mid afternoon.
    (//ooc: 5:00pm EST. Maybe 4 If it needs to be earlier)

    Reminder to the cult of Sarial:
    Those involved with the lizardmen incident whose punishment, that being Yurin, Azaela, Adeodatus, and Dorian, are to attend as per punishment instructed by the court.

    Those being purposely rude and disrespectful will be removed from the proceedings. This is purely an educational lecture meant for growthe of the mind. Those interested in study, morals, ideals, and discussion on real topics are welcome to attend.

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  • //ooc edit: time delayed. Family dragged me off to a lake to drink and fish. I’ll have to postpone to Tuesday or later today.