The Speech of Lord Bhaliir: On the prosperity of Arabel, and the peace of our time.

  • Brothers, sisters- defenders of Arabel: Adventurers of Cormyr- Heroes of Our time

    After the fall of the Greator Isle, which many of us knew as the unholy home of Vorenthia, and the seat of Manzahars might- the Northern Realm has enjoyed its longest lasting peace of our time. Though we are burdened by daily pests- our actions of yesterday have allowed a breather.

    Yet all good things come to an end, and his Majesty the King will soon expect myself to announce new elections with the populace- for the seat of Chancellor, as according to current rule of law. It may be a small wonder to some that his Majesty has retained his confidence on the wisdom of his subjects despite obvious failure previously- but we the people must understand what this responsibility means.

    Last time- this office was won with the support of adventurers, by a former protege of my house, who through means of lies and betrayal deceived us all to her hunger for power. Many here would remember the time of Chancellor Ledoux as a time of uncertainty- But the same people would easily forget it was also a time of ignorance.

    As history tends to repeat itself, we must thus remind ourselves- that she won her seat, feeding us all with lies- using policies to drive out our adventurers, crippling our own city in the process of it all. Meanwhile, it was the would be heroes of Arabel that insisted to wait out this storm, enjoying the blissful idea that in two months new elections would be held- and all would be well. As such they allowed her free reign- and some even left the city for good because of it- never to return.

    I assumed her mantle afterwards- and while I can say I've done my best to heal the wounds she caused- the damage was already done. What is to come of the future? Who is to rule, when the elections are upon us? Will it be a clever tongued devil like her- or possibly a hero of Arabel? None can predict it, for none can know for certain. But what we do know, is that a mind can easily be deceived.

    And that is something I, as your lord and chancellor, must attempt to prevent even after my time with you has passed. As such, I've decided not to wait for another storm. I will not wait, and observe as another enemy of Cormyr charms their way to the seat behind me. But neither will I have the seat of chancellor undermined by an accursed timeline- that will cause our adventurers to turn a blind eye- When it is their time to act.

    Thus, from now on, the seat of Chancellor will be kept by the one who is chosen- and elections will be held only after the current chancellors resignation, death- or removal from office. And from these elections, the winner will take up the boots of chancellor, while their opponents will fill the seats in their cabinet, and they will ensure that the chancellors power will be kept in check- while serving the best interests of Cormyr through the very best of their ability.

    Henceforth- as your standing lord and chancellor- I continue serving the Northern Realm through this position for as long as I am able, free from the constraints of time. Through me and my court- you the people will have a voice and the dream of his majesty will exist. And the downtrodden, will continue to rise from nothing. So shall our city continue to prosper, and as it does- so shall Cormyr flourish. This I swear- Lord Foril Bhaliir, the Storm Dragon.

    For King, Country, and humanity,

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