*Letter to Three the Warforged*

  • Three,

    I require a report on the events with the lizardfolk tribe. The cult of Sariel have disobeyed orders and I need to know exactly what happened that day.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • I'm away from the city, but I can confirm that the lizard men took an offensive stance, but "we" made the first aggression. The Battlemaster, myself, a hin, another warforged, retainer of House Dauntinghorn, and the two followers of sariel were in combat. The group split, I was put down by the followers of Sariel and a couple lizardmen. I awoke to a struggle to retrieve what I assumed was a kidnapped retainer. It turns out she sheltered in the lizardfolk lair. We battled to a draw and my companions of faith departed. It was quite the fracas.