A Letter to Lord Bhaliir

  • Lord Bhaliir

    I have taken the liberty of releasing selective information about the events of the 'Protest' at the gates of our embassy last night. Framing it in a more positive light and leaving out certain incidents of assault against embassy guards by the protestors Azelea, Adeolous, and Bryndis.

    I am sure you have no wish for any form of international incident to develop and for our ongoing alliance to run smoothly. I doubt my superiors can be tided over to easily in the future.

    Please remember that an assault on the Embassy by citizens of Cormyr is an assault upon Thay itself, and endeavour to prevent such from occurring again lest my superiors take matters into their own hands. I guarantee this is not a situation either of us wants.

    I hold the utmost faith in your abilities to cut the fuse of this powder keg.

    Glory to Thay.
    Barakir of the Arabel Enclave, Raalkir of Thay, Daeron Khagos Namik

  • If there were assaults, then see them addressed with the city militia.

    If it was a peaceful protest, then I see nothing wrong with it.

    If zealots attack an Embassy, it's guards have the right to act and uphold its nations laws within their grounds. Otherwise, the city militia will deal with these assailants.

    Lord Bhaliir