[letter to Michael the halfling]

  • Michael,

    I require a report from you on the events of the attack on the Lizardmen Prince's camp. Also, do you know if the warforged called Three was returned to this world or has his soul passed on?

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • To Mister Lord Pathfinder Daxx


    I'm pretty sure I can remember some of the events you're looking for.

    So it was like this, I was out wandering the Stoneforest, being my normal halfling self, dodging them big cobblestompin' feet as I made my way through the Spire, when out of NOWHERE this giant angelic woman with wings, metal-gold face plates, and a booming voice shouted "BE NOT AFRAID." at me. And then Miss Valeria showed up and told me I could come with them to talk to some Lizardfolks tribe in the swamps. Being the best ranger in all of Arabel, I saw it as my duty to assist and bring a rightly proper offering. I had some white-crag cat meat on me already, so I took it as a sign of Tyche that I was meant to give it as tribute to these Lizards and help out with negotiations.

    When I got there, they had all these defenses set up, and we started attacking the door with our fists, but one of the Outsiders started shouting to not be afraid, so I got super confused and covered myself in tree-stuffs and pretended to be a bush in the event of an ambush. Thats when it all happened! The gate fell down, someone started shooting bolts at us, and the Outsiders started swinging away and shouting some more. Why are they always shouting? They're so loud! So Valeria lept to help the Lizardfolks, and then the Outsiders turned on Valeria because she was pure of heart, and Three, the Warforged, he stepped in to save Val but fell over and couldn't get back up. Like some massive Warforged turtle. I wasn't really sure what to do, so I started throwing stinking clouds everywhere, and darknesses, and webs, and I might have maybe hypothetically tossed an egg or eight at the Outsiders and tried to put them to sleep with Fey-Arrows but they were super resilient.

    Then the Lizardfolks took Valeria! I figured they abducted her, so I came out of hiding and tried to help the others fight the Lizardfolks, but I think the Outsiders got bored because they left to go destroy some shrine somewhere. I was consulting the Grandfather of bears to get some help in finding Valeria myself when she just appeared out of nowhere! The Lizardfolks took her to defend her!

    So we left after that. The lizardfolks seemed just as confused as us. It was awful.

    But the worstest part? I forgot to give them the albino crag meat. Now it's gonna spoil and go to waste and its all MY fault!

    ps. I think don't think Three has ever been alive since he's a warforged, so if you're concerned, don't be!