Lord Evander Dauntinghorn


    For I am ADEODATUS of TORM, Vanguard of the CELESTIAL GATE, and FOLLOWER of the WORDS of SARIEL!

    I have led a crusade of the Diocese of Celestia into your city's deep and rotting sewers, in pursuit of RUMORS of DARK CULTS there. What I found had INDEED confirmed any such suspicions, though the cultists are not human - if they indeed ever were. They were foul, rank beings made of effluvience and decay. They had taken a great many men and women to a Shrine of some foul DARK SEWER-GOD, and ritualistically sacrificed them.

    KNOW that this ritual was stopped, and these cultists slain. Your sewers are as safe as they can ever be. We ask nothing in return for our pious deeds, save that you KNOW the Crusaders of the Diocese of Celestia will EVER stand READY against the EVILS that dwell in Arabel's heart.