Seeking Thayan Knight

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    So it's looking like I'm going to be causing some Thayan Shenanigans ICly quite soon, and I'm going to need someone to stand between me and horrible horrible danger.

    That someone might be YOU!

    Do you want to serve the fastest growing evil empire that cormyr ISN'T enemies with?

    Do you have little to no regard for your personal freedoms?

    Do you look REALLY good in red?

    If you fit these categories, apply today!

    But in all seriousness, I have some awesome plots lined up for this character and I'm going to need someone watching my back while I pull them off. Thay is a really fun and unique faction to be a part of so why not give it a try!

  • I would be up for a Thayan Knight

  • @gloomy_sunday PM me on discord, we can talk concepts 🙂

  • Due to Timezone issues, this Position is now once again Open. Contact 👁 FRIEND COMPUTER 👁 On the Discord Server or PM me on the forums.

    thank you @Gloomy_Sunday for making an awesome PC, shame it didn't work out.

  • Position Once again closed, thank you to all interested parties

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