Letter to Lord Chancellor Bhaliir, The Court of Arabel, the Captain of the Milita, Pathfinder Daxx, and the Purple Dragons

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    Dear Lord Chancellor, Lord Captain, The Court of Arabel, Minister of Defense, Minister of Magic, Pathfinder Daxx and to other officials that it may concern,

    I ask that you read this entire report. But if you do not wish to read the transcript, please read the first few paragraphs here and the last two at the end. The transcript is word for word for the most part. And can be confirmed by Michael and the paladin, Three.*

    I regret to write that the two zealots known as Azeala, Adeotus, the paladin known as Dorian, and Yurin, attempted to disrupt the peace treaty talks that were happening with the Lizardfolk whom serve the Prince by attempting to slaughter their entire village. I, mysellf, followed them with the intention of seeing the King's will survive their encounter with the tribe. Unfortunately, I, the halfing ranger known as Michael, and the triadist paladin known as Three had to fight all four of them off in order to stop them from slaughtering innocent men, women, and children of an entire village seeking nothing but peace from the Crown of Cormyr. They attempted to kill me, purposely, and paid the mercenary known as Yurin 8,000 to 12,000 gold to have him take it. They claimed, at first, that they wished to seek the tribes aide in killing the 'evil' lizardmen that followed the Ancient One. Instead, after a single comment of how 'Azael's mind smelled wrong', they four of them attacked the village and attempted to lay siege to it. It was clear to me, that peace was never their intention. They were only looking for a reason to slaughter the lizardfolk as they perceive these creatures as evil despite their neutrality.

    Azaela and Adeodatus accused the lizardmen of lies, saying they were cannibals and that they wanted to take Cormyrean women for themselves. This was a twist of what was spoken, and I am unsure if this is true or not. I attempted to overtake their negotiations with the lizardmen, as I knew they might do something stupid such as attack them. But within only a minute of talking, they straight up attacked the tribe for no reason other than they wanted to kill. They, specifically, stated in the past in front of Pathfinder Daxx that this treaty was an affront and evil. Because they were so quick to attack the tribe, I believe their true intention was to get the tribe to attack Cormyrean people and give them an excuse to slaughter the lizardmen like they want to.

    Fortunately, I was there, and was able to relay to the Priestess of the tribe being attacked that this was not the want or intention of the crown. That these people did not speak for the King nor his wants or ideals. I knew this tribe was attempting to negotiate peace with the purple dragons and that tensions were fragile at this stage in time. The priestess recognized this and recognized that I had turned on them in order to help keep the treaty safe from their intentions as well as defend their people. Forutnately, with my help, I was able to fend off all four of them.*

    The Battlelord Bryndis also showed up. However, she did not take a side in the conflict. She cast a dispel wand at both me and Yurin- and then fended off lizardmen who were attacking the four. I believe her to be a neutral party in this, but the other four are just as guilty. Yurin, was, perhaps one of the worst. I offered him 2000 in exchange for helping me fend the other three off. They offered him 12,000 to take my life from me as I was a 'heathen' in their eyes. And because the money was better there, he had no regard for the law or intention of the crown and attempted to murder me. He almost succeeded, but I, luckily, carried a potion of heal on me.

    I will state that Azaela, Adeodatus, Yurin, and Bryndis were TOLD by Pathfinder Daxx to leave the lizardmen alone. That if they did anything to break the negotiations between the crown and the tribe that follows the Prince, then they would be punished severely by law. He also told them that the crown would pay them for fighting lizardmen that follow the Ancient one and seek to harm Cormyr and her people. He was very clear about this and I witnessed his words. The zealots were first introduced to the Herald of the Prince, whom we saved from members who followed the Ancient One. Daxx and I had to physically stop the Zealots from killing the Herald of the PRince who is involved with the peace negotiations. And throughout our time speaking to the Herald, the Battlelord, Yurin, and Azaela spoke of how this was an affront to all things good and how the Herald should be killed with the others. That this was wrong to aide 'cannibals who want to take Cormyr's women'. It was clear that Azaela had ill intentions.

    This is why when I saw the four of them marching past me and Tom in front of the Tyche Temple, claiming they were headed to teh Prince's Tribe to get them to aide the four of them in slaughtering Ancient One followers, I became suspicious. It was a 360 attitude change from when I saw her react to Daxx speaking on good terms with the Herald of the Prince. Adeodatus and Azaela seemed adamant as they talked about slaughter the entire way to the village. Three was clear that it would be best if I negotiate, which I attempted to strong arm my way into doing. I did not trust them to keep peace. And I was right. They had ill intentions all along.

    The four attacked for no reason what so ever other than one lizardmen lamenting that Azaela's mind smelled weird. I asked multiple times for them to stand down. That there was a peace treating in negotiation. When I stated that I wouldn't allow for the treaty to be comprimised for their rash actions, they, stated they would slaughter me as well because I was a heathen and a villain. These people attempted to kill me, then. And paid Yurin gold lions in order to see me dead. It is only at the aide of the Prince's Lizardmen that I was able to survive due to being able to get behind their gates. I do not know much about their species in particular, and I do not know of the zealots claims are true. However, I knew these beings were trying to make peace with the crown, and I wished to protect the interests of Cormyr as well as stand up for my own ideals of not taking the life of those who did not wish others harm. Lizardmen or not, life is still important. And they disregarded that, attempting to murder not only me, but Michael and a paladin named Three as well. Even if it were not against the law to distrupt the negotiations, these people still admitted to purposely intend on killing innocent men and women of Cormyr as well as give the purposeful intention to attack other faiths without a divine march such as the Banites and Clar Bandans.

    This whole thing started with a deceiving statement that they wished to aide the lizardmen in killing off lizardmen who follow the Ancient One. This was never their intention. When I, and two others, stood up to their vile, murderous intentions- they attempted to take us out. They succeeded in killing Three, and seriously wounded and injured myself and the hin ranger known as Michael. This event was premeditated as they were told prior at a previous point in time to leave the Prince Tribe's alone. They have been tried for going against the law and smashing Clar Bandan altars. After the events of the Lizardmen event, I came across them in the Spire where they verbally insulted my honor, my faith, and my house with slander and then proclaimed that they would go after the Banites next. Eastway, specifically. Furthermore, they have stated many times that they intend to open a portal to celestia inside the city, and to allow celestials to come through. They are zealots, yes. But these are threats. I am a woman of Lathander, and even I recognize how close to a dark line these four are coming.

    After I was done listening to them talk about attacking Eastway and the Banites there.. I had heard enough. They have no one to declare a divine march, and with the Clar Bandan alter they do not care if any innocents get harmed with their actions. It was clear that they NEVER had the intention to negotiate with the Tribe of the Prince in order to fight the lizardmen who follow the Ancient One. Their entire goal was to goad the lizardmen into attacking us. When that did not happen, they attacked the lizardmen tribe and attempted to hide behind the law with their actions. I write this so that their evil actions against the King's intentions and wishes be known. That they attempted to murder a retainer of house Dauntinghorn, and three children of Cormyr as well as disrupt peace treaty talks between the tribe of the Lizardmen and the crown because of their views on the lizardmen race as a whole as being considered 'evil'. It did not matter to them, that some of these beings helped us in the war against the shade, or that they wished to live in peace. They forced an attack, and attempted to get rid of anyone who stood in their way. Even paying a mercenary 8-12,000 lions to get rid of the voices that rose against them.

    Lord Chancellor. I do not believe these zealots should be allowed to continue to practice whatever they desire. I believe that Yurin needs to be severely punished for this. He most certainly received payment for his contribution and it was because of the gold that he had no regard for law, honor, or our beautiful country. This dwarf will not respond to anything but his gold being taken away. His time in the penal legion taught him nothing. The zealots should be more than just fined. They do not care for either of these things, and gold is not a worry to them, apparently. They will continue these attacks, regardless if Cormyrean law dictates them not to, and they will continue to hurt, maime, and murder anyone who stands in their way. I have witnessed them speak of how they are slaves to their celestials, and how they will open portals of celestia inside the city and watch as the celestials pile bodies high... I beg that you do not allow this to continue. Please do not allow them to continue on this path. I have attempted to reason with them. But my reasoning lead to having to stand in battle against the four of them with my life barely attached. As I said before, Pathfinder Daxx warned the four of them from doing anything against the Lizardmen. From doing anything against harming the treaty that was being negotiated. They directly disobeyed the Pathfinder's command.

    Pathfinder, I know you've been dealing with them. You have told me how you warned them against doing things against the crown. Lord Scion, I seek compensation for the attempts made on my life. The numerous attempts of all four of them. Not only have they insulted my honor, integrity, and faith, but also that of our house. They attacked me, whilst I stood for the king's values.

    I ask for punishment. I ask for retribution in the name of justice. I ask for action to be taken. I ask for these happenings to not be ignored. I would ask that you allow me to be involved with the peace negotiations. I believe I could help solidify it, considering they trusted me enough to stay in their village until it was safe to leave. I also ask that their punishment be public. That their crime be displayed for all to see. SO that no others may help them or aide them against the Crown's wishes as they did here today. As a loyal citizen of this country, and a woman most faithful to the Morninglord, I cannot stand to see good and justice be represented with corruption. I have no doubt, that these two zealots would attempt to take my life even in the city if they believed I was wicked, vile, and fallen. A heathen as they put it.

    For King and Country,
    Valeria Ashwood
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn
    Warrior of Lathander

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    //This response is made known to Lord Bhaliir, and the Captain of the Militia

    I find it extremely difficult to believe this...'recording' of dialogue doing an intense spat and following battle resembles anything truthful or conducive to an accurate account of events and I call into your question your very integrity. Were you truly writing down everything said as it happened? I find this hard to believe, as you're neither known as a scholar or a witness to grand events.

    Secondly, bolding your entire letter is a crime against Oghma, and I hope you suffer for your sins in the realm of literacy. How dare you make the Court read something so foul and eye-renderingly terrible? This reminds me of the White Dawns who penned letters in Yellow ink. I pray that Lathander heeds the words of Oghma and has them suffer in some poor, dark cave in his divine realm.

    While assaulting a tribe of monsters engaged in negotiations with the Crown of Cormyr is in poor taste, there is no precedent, statute, or law that protects them from adventurers or crusaders, and it is something that must come from the Military of Cormyr. The Court, nor Militia, can be involved.

    Additionally, Lizardfolk are cannibals and have been recorded in numerous bestiaries of the various monster races to eating their own young in times of hardship. They are savages, through and through.


    //Please do not use logs recorded due to a function of the game engine to provide evidence. At best, a penned recollection of events is more plausible and entertaining for all involved without sourcing your evidence from the chat logs. It's a bit silly to think your character unless they have computer-like memory would remember several lines of dialogue in a tense situation where conflict is about to occur.

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    //Sorry, will fix in a moment! Didn't realise that wasn't allowed.

  • Retainer,

    Your report has been received and filed. It will be looked into. Please let me know if Three has been returned among us.

    -- Daxx

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    Yes, Three was alive and tending to Michael after the tribe let me leave. Though, I have not seen him around since. Michael also frequents the hullack and fights giants. You might find him there.