A DM Appreciation Post

  • Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I think one is Needed.

    The DM team have been working their assess off to get EE ready for us, but we've seen a lot of burnout recently due to Negativity from the community.

    So, I just want to say a Big thank you to the DM team for all they have done and continue to do, and invite anyone else who wants to to do the same. With EE almost upon us, Loads of awesome plots through 2018 so far, and I am sure many more on the Horizon, you don't get half as much credit for keeping the world turning and the stories being told.

    So, again, Thank you. The community does appreciate all you do for us, even if we're a bit crap at showing it sometimes.

    @Bowser @SpiffyMeister @Echo @Puffy @Zool @Prof-Misclick @Mr-Moloch

  • Yeah. They're alright. Thanks duders.

  • +1, but as i have to type 8 characters... +10000000

  • +1001 You guys are great


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