Note to Bryndis

  • Battlelord,

    Why you or the Sariel zealot think the lizardfolks must all be put to the sword in not something I understand. The Prince's forces seek peace and coexistence. We wish to see where negotiation with them will lead to. If no peace can be found, then I'll be more than happy to send you at their doorstep. Until then, do not cause unrest and give us yet another war to fight. With the Dark War raging, we cannot afford to put the people in danger needlessly. We have to be smart about this and not act like mindless fanatics who's action will kill innocents.

    Tempus now holds the strategy of the Red Knight after all. Lets focus on one enemy at a time. In this here case, the Ancient One. Can I trust you to do the right thing and not cause and all out war with every sentient beings in the swamp?

    -- Daxx