EE Transition makes disguises possible!

  • House Bhaliir

    So, as some of you may realize- I am big fan of player run shenanigans, but one of the biggest problems NWN ever had was the apparent lack of support for disguises to make long term highwaymen, smugglers or the sort possible in a PW server because of all the metagamey elements. Characters are caught and killed off way before their time. To help this, DMs have come up with systems that are able to change portraits on characters, and their descriptions. However, changing names requires a DM to leto it, and even then the biggest problem remained: The Metagaming of GameSpy account.

    However, with EE- that biggest problem is now removed, as all characters are stored behind the CD key and not the log-in account, thus allowing you to play the same character with any account of your choosing. Neat, huh? And as it just so happens, some servers like Arelith and Sinfar have apparently found a way to change the character names (Through NWNx apparently?).

    So now here's the question: Do we want to be able to support disguises in the future?

    If the answer is yes, then here are two ways we can do it in EE:

    1. Generic "Racial" names: "Human", "Elf", "Gnome" etc- with the names in character descriptions instead.
      Pros: No coding magic necessary, just a server policy. Can be implemented very fast. Not overly complex as a system.
      Cons: Removes the functionality of the player list, generates more work for the DMs at the beginning to leto character names from players.

    2. Develop a name-changing system: Ask help from Sinfar/Arelith dev to find out how they did it?
      Pros: A Better, lasting system that will surely buff up our player numbers like no other. Definitely worth the time spent.
      Cons: Takes time to implement, generates more work for the DMs.

  • Option 2 if we do implement this is probably the way to go

  • If we do want to support disguises, then coa will have to implement the "sense motive" skill, and probably the "disguise" skill as well.

    If we're going to be changing around skills, then we may as well take the time to consider other skills worth changing on that same note.

  • @chips I know Arelith does it with Bluff or Perform vs Spot. With Bonuses to disguise when Polymorphed or Similarly shapechanged. That seems a pretty simple and effective way to do it, and it keeps the people who should be best at it (Rogues and Bards) with an advantage.

  • When you use a different account for a character it usually removes all items from your inventory.

    Or at least, on 4-5 other PW I played on.

  • @chips

    Adding skills wouldn’t be crazy. Just make them combos of other skills. Hide+Charisma=Disguise

    Search+Intelligence=Detect Motive

  • Arelith has this system. I can ask a friend to help out if it's needed.

  • DMs

    Last news I saw on nwnx_names for EE, was that it wasn't currently officially supported.

    I'd want to wait until it is finished, because, we might need to re-script a bunch of stuff if we do it before it's completed. There's been enough re-jigging of scripts already...

    I've always been for a disguise system, and if it does turn out to be possible (it's easy to say it is without actually investigating the situation fully!) then I would be all for it.

  • what i am finding when i log into EE is that when i click multiplayer i dont have the option to input my username/login and it has remembered that i used "cadiz".

    this might be easy to avoid but i dont know how, anyone?

  • You need to remove it from your nwnplayer.ini in your document files.

    It's gonna be like USERNAME=Cadiz. Remove the line entirely, the next time you log on it will ask you your username. Do not click the 'Remember' icon and it should always ask you.


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