[A Righteous Letter to Lord Dauntinghorn]

  • Righteous Lord Dauntinghorn,

    I write you this most pious and holy letter, to address matters recently settled in court. First and foremost, we were convicted guilty of smashing a shrine of Clar Banda. We do not dispute this claim in the least, more so, we righteously boast that we did this. However, as is often the case, I have heard that 'lack of knowledge of the law is no excuse for violating it'.

    It is on this pretense that I write you. First and foremost, the Diocese of Celestia is a church that recognizes all goodly gods as our patron. It is our tenants and duty that we have enslaved ourselves to the cause of righteousness.

    Therefore, as you and the other council members should rightly be attributed to having the knowledge of, in previous past, the Lathanderites High Priest did declare a Holy War against the Clar Bandans. As officials of law and order, it is your Holy Duty that you are aware of legal circumstance. This conflict did escalate to it's fullest when they marched upon Vorenthia's Island (which, fortunately due to recent events, has been brought to utter desolation). Upon that march, they lost most of their warriors and their high priest.

    There was never an official declaration of an end to that Divine March. So it is, so it shall be. This being established, we seek to have the previous court conviction stricken from the record and from our own record, and the fines paid recompensed in full.

    We righteously declare that our 'desecration' of the Clar Banda shrine was done under the umbrella of the -ongoing divine march- of the Lathanderites, that has to this day not been declared null.

    -Azaela, Herald of Adeodatus, whom is the chosen messenger of Sariel, bearer of the Holy Trumpet, that shall sound and usher in the opening of the Gates of Celestia, from whence the Righteous shall be redeemed unto the heavens, and the wicked shall find desolation at the swords of a legion of Angels.

  • The Brethren marched, and the Brethren lost, the Divine March ending in a dismal failure. Something the adventurers and Purple Dragons of the North had to rectify at considerable cost not long ago. Further, participants admitted guilt and accepted legal consequences over what happened, and the matter was resolved at the trial. From the Militias point of view the matter has been resolved in accordance to the law.