The Observations and compositions of Paul Scaron

  • My journey to truly understand the world began some time ago. And yet it's never too late to start logging it, I suppose I may well die before reaching the destination I have in my mind. I hope these logs will help someone walking a similar path reach enlightenment, whether it's the same enlightenment I was after.

    I'll start with druids, and why I haven't found a circle worth staying in myself.

    Druid Circles: Their philosophies and motivations Part 1.

    Druids seek to understand the ways of the material plane, nature, life, death, and the will of the world (I'll discuss the will of the world in the future I suppose). A druid seeks to understand and study the balance, purpose and meaning of these things.
    For a druid, a patron deity is not the source of his magic or powers, druids obtain their powers from nature itself, a deity serves more as a conduit or guide to assist the druid in channeling natures power.
    For this reason, deities who do not share a connection to nature in their duties can not serve as a guide, I suspect however that on the same note very powerful non deific entities can just as well substitute as a conduit, I wonder if other planes have such guides as well.
    Many druids promote and defend the natural balance of the world, they often band together in druid circles which each have their own philosophies or methods of upholding this balance. Well meaning druids may work to promote harmony between civilized races and the wilderness around them, fixing imbalances in the ecosystem where they find it. While more selfish druids may be more in favor of destroying threats to the world they study and derive benefits from.

    Regardless of the druids moral ethics, they all benefit from their study of the world and nature. While some may see a sentient creature's meddling as simply nature interacting with itself. Almost all druids see creatures from outside the material plane as a threat to the worlds balance they cherish. Be it to protect that balance, or simply get rid of the distraction that’s disrupting their study and understanding of the world, druids almost always treat extraplanar beings as an unwelcome existence. It's hard to derive conclusions from data that's been corrupted by external forces yes?

    Many circles of druids perceive clerics to be an external influence from outside the material plane. Much like extraplanar creatures, the influence of gods often comes from outside the material plane and largely affects the ways of sentient creatures native to the plane. With exception of gods who have close ties to the material plane, some druids will often treat clerics as mettlers of the balance and natural order of things, a disruption of the cycle they cherish and study.
    On that same note it is a popular belief among some circles of druids that civilization grew tremendously under the influence of the gods and thus disrupt the balance the world was intended to have. There are however some druid circles whom believe the worlds will isn’t so fragile or impotent as to be shaken by such influences and perhaps even took these influences into account.