Dawnbringer Marigold

  • The Brethren of the Reborn Sun, under the High Priest of Lathander, once declared a Divine March against the Clar Bandans, and attempted to invade Vorenthia's Isle once. I know little more than that, except what rumors tell me, that the Arabel City Militia had a hand in destroying the Brethren, that there may have been executions and other things that occurred.

    Were you there when these events unfolded, and what is it that you can tell me?

    We are the Bright Sun, the Guiding Light. We Show the Way. We Light the Path.

    Davina Viktoria Ducann RothOrder of the Aster

  • The night faded for the handful of survivors of that horrid fight as the waters of the Wyvernwater rocked their one returning warship and lulled the direly wounded into their final sleep. The hour was cold, the vessel quiet, but the promise of a new day awaited on that distant rising sun… Once docked, however, and upon the docks of the city's citadel, these heroes were received with not the celebrations nor the first-aid of a city that understood their sacrifice, but by the steel of Arabel's militia, and a swift unceremonious end at the edge of a sword or a Penal Legion's cloak... What happened in this epilogue remains a mystery to this very day, my dearest reader - was the Militia corrupted by Banites, as they say? Was it revenge for the Brotherhood's assault on the Temple of Darmos or maybe something else? Something more sinister - a power play of powers above and unseen? The rumours are many and there are yet keepers of the lore that strive to find the answers._


    Wileon Bertson joined in an assault upon the undead forces of Clar Banda upon the Island of Vorenthia, but perished in the battle. The returning Paladins of Lathander, part of the Brethren of the Reborn Sun, were ambushed by the Militia on their return to Arabel. Battle weary and exhausted of both supplies and spirits, they were no match for the Militia, who had come under the control of Banites and Hardcastle's surrogates. The Militia would march on Evenignstar, putting the Castle of the Reborn Sun to the sack. Soon after, the Militia itself became split, with the Citadel Militia led by Citadel Warden Miri Greycastle and North Warden Gorstag. This unwieldy arrangement was short-lived however, as Warden Greycastle was murdered by the Chaos Brigade. Implicated in the murder, Lord Galloway and Warden Gorstag were hard put to defend themselves. While Lord Galloway managed to escape indictment, Gorstag was demoted to Sergeant, and the Militia was recombined under Citadel Warden Dorn Amblecrown. Lord Galloway's death removed the last of Lord Hardcastle's senior officers in the Militia, paving the way for his downfall.


    Upon their return to Arabel, they were ambushed by City Militia members belonging to the Banite cell operating within their ranks, and placed in Cormyr's Penal Legion. Those who resisted were slain. The Brethren were for all intents and purposes, no longer existant and functionally no more.


  • I am utterly shocked to my core. Is this true? Can you bear witness to what happened?

    Davina Viktoria Ducann RothOrder of the Aster

  • Admin [DM]

    Fair dawn to you Initiate Roth.

    A dark day when the servants of light fell to the shadow of tyranny. A warning to all that evil can strike at the heart of any good. The sun always rises though and perhaps now is the time of Order of the Aster to carry the light of hope and renewal to these lands.

    Walk in the light, child.

    Dawnbringer Marigold