The Age of Man - The Time of Free Folk

  • The Age of Man - The Time of Free Folk

    Brothers and sisters,

    Yesterday gave us the end of Manzahar and his horde- as the best of humanity stood triumphant against the overwhelming power of Vorenthia- and won. With wits that saw the demise of Tilverton prevented, and with bravery that challenged the un-beaten undead isle- all stars aligned for our crushing blow. Hearts are left to mourn the loss of our Purple brethren- as great minds celebrate the sacrifices that paved way for the peace of our time. Men bled blue and overcame all odds- together as proud sons and daughters of the supreme race.
    This was not the first victory of mankind against its enemy. Time and time again the age of man has been threatened and challenged by monsters in the dark. And against all odds- each foe we outsmarted. The Beholder Hive, The Worm Cult, the Chosen Beasts, the Chaos Brigade. Against them we may have lost some battles as in most wars- yet in the end we alone stood in triumph. Our defeated and disgraced ancestors avenged. Under one voice, united- we are invincible.
    To celebrate and commemorate this prosperous era, where northern glory and unity through the will of man has beaten both shadow and monster, the Bhaliir toasts the supreme race. In Old Town, the brave heroes of humanity are all welcomed by a generous hand. The Free folk of Elves, dwarves, gnomes and all allies of humanity are embraced by man and welcomed to carry on their trade and lives in Old Town- where free food, free drinks, and blue blood will safeguard this peaceful time.
    Old Town is safe haven to all. Outlaws are granted new purpose, despised races are granted a second chance. In The Silent Court your desires are heard and shared by the likeminded folk who once were outcasts like you. United, Old Town will never be oppressed again. Unity makes us strong. And unity comes through strong leadership. With Bhaliir, the folk of Old Town are free. With Bhaliir- the Age of Man prospers. With Bhaliir, the people stand united.

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