Old Town Feast Masquarade and Ball

  • [Posters go up around old town and Arabel! Each poster is hand painted with bright colors!]

    Dear Citizens of Arabel!

    In a months time, I will be holding a feast for the denizens of Old Town within Old Town's arena. It will be a masquerade ball where party goers can dress up into fun costumes and eat to their hearts content. The ball will feed anyone who is hungry, and is intended to bring back some merriment and cheer in a time of distress. Though a ball cannot permanently fix starvation or poverty, it can prove that people from all walks of life can come together to help one another. That there is hope for a better future and a better tomorrow. All of the food at the ball will be donated or hand hunted by various adventurers and peoples from all walks of life. There will a costume contest which will hold a gold prize as well as a mystery item for first place and runner up. There will be a small contest of strength and wit- a contest of battle - which will also hold a prize for the winner. Finally, there will be dancing, entertainment, and plenty of free food for all to come and enjoy. Anything that is left over from the feast will be donated to the Ilmatari temple for the people of Old Town to continue to enjoy even after the party is over. This is a party that will happen at the volunteer work of many souls, and it is our intention to bring a little joy back to the lives of others. We hope that everyone can make it to this event!

    Our honored Lord Bhaliir has approved this feast, and will provide decorations for the proceedings. If you have questions or wish to help out with the feast, contact Valeria Ashwood at the Ornery Badger in Tilverton.

    // ooc time of the event: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Old+Town+Feast+Ball+and+Masquarade&iso=20180609T15&p1=25&ah=3

    [I am not sure where to post progress for the even, so I'm going to leave replies with progress made for food and what not. I've been dropping off food gathered for the event at the Ilmatari temple in Old Town. @SpiffyMeister ]