Letter: Lord Bhaliir

  • I know your official stance on the Bandan church must be that all faiths are allowed to preach and practise their faith in Arabel. From what i hear, Manzahar did horrible things to you and the church did nothing.

    Manzahar held a high position in the church and they did nothing to speak against him, silently condoning his actions.

    The die is cast, we have destroyed the shrine of Clar Banda within East way. For good or bad, the deed -is- done. I've provided you with the excuse you needed SHOULD you wish to move on the Bandans.

    Soon they will come to you with demands, to compensate them or see East way destroyed. You can give in to them, or you can take it as the blackmail and knife-at-the-throat it really is and help us put a FINAL end to the undead threat. A peace with someone who holds you hostage is no peace at all.

    The dice is in your corner, by putting ourselves at risk, we made it possible for you to move against the Bandans.... IF you choose to.

    -Battlelord Bryndis