[A RIGHTEOUS LETTER arrives for Lord Bhaliir]


    I write you this HOLY LETTER to detail the multiple events of the last evening. First and foremost, I bring before you a GREAT RIGHTEOUS CONCERN for the encounter that took place in the RIGHTEOUS SWAMPS OF THE KING. The Purple Dragon known as Daxx lead a small group of us out into the swamps to investigate the recent FOUL ATTACKS upon innocent travellers. Upon arriving, we interceded in a battle between two tribes of WICKED LIZARDMEN. We delivered RIGHTEOUS SLAUGHTER upon one tribe, and the remaining lizard man was at the door of RIGHTEOUS death. It would of been my will to interrogate it and then PUT IT TO THE SWORD, however, the group with me not only stayed my RIGHTEOUS hand, but HEALED THE FOUL LIZARD MAN OF ITS WOUNDS and formed a PROTECTIVE CIRCLE around the FOUL BEAST. I vocalized my dissent with these actions. During the course of the conversation, it came to light that the Purple Dragons are CONSORTING with the FOUL LIZARDMEN and have some sort of tenuous 'peace agreement'. It was during this time that the FOUL LIZARDMAN suggested that he send Child Lizardmen Warriors to serve the King, and in return the King would send 'His Women' to be 'admired' by the tribe. The FOUL LIZARDMEN also made the claim that the RIGHTEOUS KING'S SWAMP is his tribe's 'territory'. The encounter ended with Daxx and the other's present allowing the FOUL LIZARDMAN to leave unharmed, at the dissent of myself and Battlelord Bryndis

    First and foremost, it is my understanding that it is a CRIME to claim the KINGS RIGHTEOUS LAND as territory by anyone who is not the king. This vileness is complicated by the fact that the claim in question was made by EVIL LIZARDMEN.

    Secondly, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, is the fact that this VILE LIZARDMAN would want HUMAN WOMEN sent to his camp in return for his warriors. It is very clear that this EVIL LIZARDMAN has an interest in BREEDING with HUMAN WOMEN, and producing FOUL HALF HUMAN LIZARDMEN. I assure you, that to consort with these FOUL CREATURES and allow such an ATROCITY OF INTERBREEDING will only lead to a FOUL PLAGUE of HALF HUMAN LIZARDMEN upon Arabel, whom would be NATURALLY WICKED due to having the FOUL BLOOD OF LIZARD MEN running in their veins.

    It is my RIGHTEOUS HOPE that a GOOD AND RIGHTEOUS LORD such as yourself has no tolerance for such FOUL AND VILE WICKEDNESS that there are not even proper words to describe this ATTROCITY that is suggested by this lizard man clan. If it is your lords will, the DIOCESE OF CELESTIA will go forth and put EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE FOUL LIZARDMAN TO THE SWORD, DOWN TO THE VERY LAST CHILD, we shall BRING RIGHTEOUS FIRE UPON THEIR CATTLE, we shall BURN THEIR WICKED HOMES and we shall BRING UTTER SLAUGHTER AND DESOLATION UPON SUCH WICKED BEASTS.

    Furthermore, this letter serves as a letter to detail my personal ACTIONS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS that did take place in the Eastern Way. I did march forth, and with a LARGE AND RIGHTEOUS SLEDGE HAMMER assist in SMASHING THE WICKED SHRINE of Clar Banda, at which point an UNDEAD 'heirophant' appeared before us. As was the RIGHTEOUS thing to do, I threw HOLY WATER at it, while chanting the WORDS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, and then using a RIGHTEOUS SHIELD ENCHANTED AGAINST THE UNDEAD, slew the creature with BEAMS OF RIGHTEOUS SUN LIGHT. Afterwards, I stood fast against the VILE UNDEAD HORDES that arose, and PUT THEM TO THE SWORD.

    It is the intent of the DIOCESE OF CELESTIA to move into the East Way. By the WORK OF OUR RIGHTEOUS HANDS we shall build it up into a GREAT AND RIGHTEOUS TOWN. We shall DEFEND THE INNOCENT against the FORCES OF THE WICKED. We shall bring RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT upon the Vile worshippers of EVIL. We shall establish a HOLY TEMPLE that will serve as a BASTION OF RIGHTEOUSNESS from which RIGHTEOUS WARRIORS shall defend the people of the land.

    For too long have the people of Arabel and the surrounding hamlets been FORCED INTO CONSORTING WITH THE WICKED. As you can see, consorting with the wicked leads to things like VILE LIZARDMEN ATTEMPTING TO BREED WITH THE 'KINGS WOMEN'. This is VERY EVIL and UNRIGHTEOUS and MUST BE OPPOSED BY THE RIGHTEOUS. It was the Clar Bandan's who supported the VILE ACTS OF THE NECROMANCER MANZAHAR. It is the Clar Bandan's who are demanding monetary payment so that the undead do not attack. There is NO OTHER SOLUTION to such VILE WICKEDNESS than the RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE AT THE HANDS OF A RIGHTEOUS BLADE.



  • Mr. Azaela,

    I shall deliver this letter to his lordship. Also, i commend your bravery! I would have the whole disgusting swamp blown up and every living creature inside it slaughtered, their bodies mutilated and left to rot at our walls. Their screams of agony would burn into the minds of all living things and we would not need to bother with their kind again, as merely the sight of our walls would drive them away...

    Perhaps you can start by torturing the lizardmen to find out where their nests are? I am certain his lordship would be most pleased with the results

    Oh, good work destroying that stupid shrine of Clar Banda

    Bannerman Thennes