Relocate Hanse transition to outside Arabel

  • Place the druid next to the undead island transition, or in the swamp next to the water. Makes zero sense that druids who dislike the city, cannot do the main druid themed quest.

  • The druids hosting it are from the Cobbled Circle, and the only remaining Hanse Tree is in Old Town. It'd honestly make more sense to move it to the Old Town docks.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The Cobbled circle is the quest giver. Therefore, it remains in the city for now. We might move it to Old Town, however...

  • This will also allow criminals and outcasts access to the quest. As much as possible the new 6-11 quests should be in neutral areas where everyone has access. Even if the quest givers are in the city/old town, the transitions themselves should ideally be in neutral areas, like outside the city. Or a special door in the ship area.

  • Cobbled circle are park druids