[Righteous Letters go out to many people!]

  • [These letters arrive to the following people: Battlelord Bryndis, Valeria, Davina Roth, Three, Dorian Blackforge, Damion Latok] //@CitizenBane @Thune @latoksinned @dagonlives

    BE NOT AFRAID. This RIGHTEOUS letter is an invitation to the DIOCESE OF CELESTIA. For too long have the righteous given in to the SIN OF SLOTH, and given in to PETTY theological disagreements, all the while the FORCES OF THE WICKED have spread their influence all around the land. It is time we RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY WARRIORS changed that.

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  • The Mouth of The Three Eyed God will accept your invitation.


  • Tilverton Village

    I accept your most holy and righteous invitation! Let us put an end to evil and spread goodness to a land plagued by darkness and apathy!

    -Damion Latok

  • I accept.

  • We will join, and fight according to the ways of the Morninglord.

    Davina Viktoria Ducann RothOrder of the Aster

  • May this pact bring honor between us, and our people.

    -Dorian of Clan Blackforge

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